We need laws to protect our CPF savings

As our CPF saving is becoming an everlasting dream, getting stretching further and further into the uncertain future, the people better stand up and ask for some kind of protection that this will not become an impossible dream. It is our money and we must have a say in it and have it back as promise. Not rubber time. If we do not agree with all the recent proposal, we must say it now. Many have spoken in the media and in cyberspace. Some are going to say it this Sat, Black September Day. It will be interesting to see how many will stand up to speak for their own pockets. The govt knows that when it hits the people in the pocket they will wake up. Will they wake up this time round? The choice of black is an ingenious decision as it is a fashionable colour of the ladies. Ladies in black are every where. Many will be caught and probably didn't know what hits them when their innocent walk in Orchard Road is rudely disrupted. And this will apply to the young and the tai tais whose only interest is in fashion black and nothing else. Will be humorous this Saturday.

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