Two visitors came a calling

Two came knocking over the weekend. They said they were social workers and asked me if the world was a peaceful place. I told them my neighbourhood was very peaceful. They gave me the funny look. They wanted to talk to me about how to make the world a better place. So I asked them whether they were going to send a mission to Afghanistan. They wanted me to waste my precious Sunday morning time with them. After so many thousand years, if such fools can save the world, the world would have been saved long ago.


Anonymous said...

So arrogant. At least they are doing something, rather than one who is only fond of bitching about CPF and compulsory annuities on his blog.

Anonymous said...

I can see yr bias here, red bean.
We all here can.

I agree wif anon above - U sound kinda how lian, always shooting sarcasm on pp who evangelises..

Actually, red bean, those folks DON'T save no thing. NOT the world. NOT themselves.

They'r but instruments—bringing message of salvation to u.

Mind U, even within circles of salvation messengers, they differs in their approach & deeds. From extremes of being overly humanistic to being overly legalistic "it's believe or hell only"..

They remain what they r— instruments. Broken & weak instruments if u will.

But they bring—a message far above their human fallibility. :)

redbean said...

my biggest reservation is that many of these people are inadequate to proselytise. and often it ended up as a one eye jack leading the blind.

many blind, because they were blind or ignorant, succumbed to the pressure by such evangelists. many of the ah pek and ah mahs were left in fear. for they do not know what is true and what is exaggeration, or what is threat.

it is best that house to house evangelism be stopped. let those who are willing, who have heard the calling, go to the house of gods themselves. otherwise, frictions can occur in our multi religious society.

if one religion can do it, all others will want to do it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.44, never mind. Let this red bean persist in his delusions about the superiority of his mental faculties over the divine Creator who gave it to him in the first place. As they say, pride comes before the fall.

redbean said...

whoever believes in me shall have everlasting life. amen.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon 2.21,
Thks for yr rapport. :)

No sweat, Red Bean's aware of his intelligence.
In his quiet reflection, may he be able to consider that his intelligence's not any mistake.
An intelligence that's able to function in & even out of itself. That's a faculty not found in any other organism on the planet.

That alone, is a good suggestion that our Bean bro's a part of something much bigger.

Ah yes, red bean, whoever believes in u will not hv everlasting life. But an interest in current affairs, & ability to articulate his intelligence even.
But definitely not everlasting life haha!

redbean said...

hey bro, you must read your scriptures. this is what jesus said.

'isn't it written in the scriptures that ye are god?'

Anonymous said...

Excellent! Very well-spoken in such tone I can't believe! Look at the mess the world has seen now because the pp who have those beliefs consider themselves more than what they believe in!

Iwas about to give up reading this blog of endless ranting. Then came along this discussion and such sensible & sensitive responses!
Good work keep it up!

Matilah_Singapura said...

> They wanted to talk to me about how to make the world a better place. <

Throughout history, the people who have risen to that challenge have almost always made stacks of money.

We make the world a "better place" (or not) by using our minds to "solve problems". Building a mission in Afghanistan might be "noble", and "romantic", but starting and running a company like Microsoft help BILLIONS of people do their jobs efficiently, such that the world REALLY does become a better place because humankind INCREASES ITS COLLECTIVE WEALTH.

Stand your ass up and applaud CAPITALISM and the MARKET ECONOMY!

P.S. Many of those cry-baby "I-carry-the-world's-problems-on-my-shoulders" types of motherfakers should not impress anyone, but unfortunately there'll always be dumb lost SHEEPle around who are so empty, they'd be impressed by almost anything.
These "selfless" idiots do NOTHING FOR THE WORLD, except moan and groan about ho "unfair" life is.

One way of making the world a better place is to KILL these cry-babies, but unfortunately that is against the law :-)

Anonymous said...

Oops! How come my posting came behind Red Bean's above? No no no, I mean to comment about the posting by anon 4:01pm!

redbean said...

yes, steve jobs and bill gates and company deserve the money they are getting. the technology has transformed the way we do things and make it so fast and convenient.

i dreaded those days when my secretary typed a couple of mistakes and got to retype everything again. and the way information can be retrieved and exchanged at such a rapid pace and ease. what writing letters and using stamps and waiting for snail mail?

redbean said...

hahahahah, anonymous,

you still didn't get the message right. HE has spoken and wanted it that way : )

Anonymous said...

Huh Red Bean? Care to elaborate?
Me blur liao.. Thks. :)

Anonymous said...

Redbean, your tolerant forumers notice you have often mocked christians with your half baked theological knowledge like they are good punching bags. I wonder aloud, are you going to do the same with the OTHER religion soon?

Making quotations and misquotations from different scriptures and holy books doesnt prove a thing, in fact many dabbling in the occult world often do that sort of things.

People from different beliefs at times tend to be assuming and careless with their own prejudices to the extent of being publicly vocal or even insulting/ insensitive but it need not be if one is REALLY matured and steeped in learning.

We should instead learn to accept and tolerate divergent views and beliefs and agree to disagree WITHOUT MOCKING at others, more so in this cosmopolitan society of ours.

One shouldnt just see things superficially and jump to conclusion with insufficient facts and findings becos there are MANY sides of the story in everything.

Those who go to that extreme usually end up championing and influencing other blind followers to their causes, thus giving rise to the many problems in today's world.

A buddhist shoots his mouth off joking abt christians like you did, then a muslim shoots his mouth off passing remarks abt your religion, where is it going to end? Is that really funny?

Please ignore this message if you insist it is uncalled for. Regards.

Anonymous said...

... the world will certainly be a different place if Matilah has his ways ...

redbean said...

when i quote the bible, i always quote it correctly. if i ever put some fun on it, it is just for a little fun without undermining the religion.

but anything that deserves my cynical comment, be it religion or politics, deserves my cynicism. i tell it some times quite bluntly about some practices of all religions.

jesus said, 'seek ye first the truth, and the truth shalt set you free.' one must not deviate from the truth and attacked it as cynicism. Stupidity is stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of what someone once said;

A fool who knows his foolishness is wise at least to that extent, but a fool who thinks himself wise is a fool indeed.

Stupidity is stupidity,
yes we can discern that dude!

Anonymous said...

"Knowing this first: that scoffers will come in the last days, walking according to their own lusts." 2 Peter 3:3

It's the days of Sodom & Gommorah now.
The days of Noah, where pp give themselves to their lusts & indulgences.


Anonymous said...

anon 3/9 8.20pm. i read yr bulshit. its the christians who are more likely and more often shoot their mouths off joking abt budhists and muslims than the other way round.

Anonymous said...