Trial Episode 1

Let this parliament be that of a fictional country, call it whatever you like, like Singasong Parliament. Ok, any uncanny resemblance to any events or individuals is only an unintended coincidence. Everything is pure fiction. How's that for a start. Day one Parliament sitting and the Opposition Leader MP, Mr Kow Teck Kho, was the first to speak. He demanded to know why the police rejected his application to visit his constituencies on bicycles was turned down. The Minister of Home Affairs Mr Boh Ho stood up slowly, cleaned his spectacles, and took his time to reply. He said, 'Mr Kow, listen very carefully to what I am going to say. I shall not repeat myself. You are a very well known and charismatic politician. You know what will happen if you cycle around your estate with 30 of your grassroot leaders? People will rush out to hug you and want to shake your hand. And soon there will be a crowd. Traffic jams, accidents can happen. You will create a commotion and public disorder. How can we allow that? Now think carefully about how well meaning was our decision. Thank you.' 'Why are you doing this to me and approve all the other applications? You victimise me or what?' 'Mr Kow, you are different. You are very popular. Like I said, people will rush out to shake your hands. Why am I repeating this? The rest of the MPs are not as popular as you. No one will run out to greet them. So they will not cause traffic jam.' While Mr Kow was trying to jump out from his seat, the Speaker told him to sit down. He said the Minister has explained his case clearly and no need to waste Parliament time on it further. After reading it over and over again, I find this episode not so funny leh. Must need the expert touch of a comedy director to make it sound funny, I think.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Mr Kow's problem is that he didn't have the right passenger on his bicycle— a combination which would solve the "crowd problem", and thus his cycle outing around the constituencies would not be disruptive at all.

redbean said...

are you asking for a mei mei passenger or a rottweiler? they have different effects.

but what is his problem?