This is the Truth, not the Tooth

CPF changes An uncle's woes He writes from the heart how his elusive savings promised for 55 had eluded him even when he was laid up. Sept 22, 2007 This anonymous bloger posted this letter when commenting on "CPF Lies - The very blackest kind." by Kenneth Tiong http://freedom-for-man.blogspot.com/2007/09/cpf-lies.html Anonymous said, Hi Kenneth, Quote from ST, 20 Sept 2007: "To a question by opposition MP Low Thia Khiang (Hougang) on whether the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC) uses funds from the CPF funds to invest, Dr Ng said: "The answer is no." "Later he rose to add: "The relationship is not so simple". I could not believe my ears and eyes! Far as I’m concerned, it’s a STUPID EVIL (moderated)! I watched a video of parliament and I saw Hen (Manpower Minister Ng Eng Hen) denigrating a nation by mocking his own and other MP's, violating and belittling the intelligence of Singaporeans, insulting uncles like me for being too dumb to handle our finances, saying, "having a fling here, having a fling there". I cannot believe that an overpaid manpower servant that we pay with our taxes thinks so lowly of his fellow citizens! A case of “kurang ajar” or, in the hokien dialect which is pretty popular in Parliament now, “kiam kah”! If I remember well, when I started work as a teenager in 1968, I was told by my boss that 25% of my pay will go to CPF. He will contribute 25%. My boss said, “That’s law, don’t worry. Government guarantees you’ll get it all back when you retire at 55”. On reaching my retirement goal/age of 55, I was shocked that they have moved the goalposts many times since I started work at 1968. My money wasn’t my money anymore. Yes, there's Special, Medisave & Retirement Account - SMRA - "You can't touch these!" A hip hop/rap song? To be fair, I received my yearly CPF statements of the changes, but who reads? I did not. Eight years ago I had a heart attack and ventricular fibrillation. I was jobless for seven years. Lately, I was suspected of having other health challenges and in the past months, I had my share of visiting polyclinics and hospital. Poor rich! I'm rich enough to have more than $28,000 sitting in my Medisave Account BUT I cannot use it for tests, treatments and medicines in hospitals and polyclinics. Yes, my bills from Changi General Hospital and Polyclinics had to be paid in cash from my pocket. Oh, they tell me I can only use it if I spend more by visiting the hospital again for an artery ballooning/stent or a by-pass procedure. Or maybe another heart attack and ventricular fibrillation caused by the agony and heartache of “My Money Sits in CPF but Cannot Use For Staying Alive!”; “They Use my $$$, Make A Profit, Don’t Pay Back, Then Say I Stupid” & “Not Enough, Want Some More, Force Annuity On My Children!” Since nobody wants to employ a sick geezer with a heart condition and other challenges, I am fortunate that a kind soul, having faith, love and trust in me, offered me a sum of money to start a little business last year. I registered a sole proprietorship in ACRA to start the little business. Another heartache - I was informed that I could not register because I owed CPF Medisave which I did not pay when I was self-employed previously. Unless I pay up, I could not register my little business. Imagine, I was broke and I still had to top up my Medisave (already loaded with >$28,000) if I wanted a licence to make myself productive again. Simple: No Top Up, No Licence. This is what I know as Uniquely Singapore First World Standard of Whatever! Another irony: After seven years of joblessness (due to my health challenges) without paying tax, I made good enough to pay tax again for year ending 2006. I've done my part as a citizen, I even did NS in the army from 1969 to 1971. "Fend for myself"? I have. I pledge myself as part of “a united people regardless of race language or religion to build a democratic society based on justice and equality so as to achieve happiness, prosperity & progress for our nation”. As a simple heartlander, I’ve done my tiny part. No worries, I may just jump in front of moving MRT before I bother my busy hardworking government with any problem. Question: What has the Government done for me? Zilch. . . and please don’t do anything. Whenever you do something for the good of the people, you cause me more pain than gain! Eg: PUB increase, 7% GST, Bus fares increase, etc. Just don’t hurt my family further by forcing my children to pay for annuity which is another scam to leech from innocent citizens! On second thought, you may want to upgrade my HDB flat with a “Go-And-Die-Chute” so that sick and old people like me who have outlived our usefulness to the regime can self-destruct by jumping into it. Health Minister may like this idea as he wants me to die at home so that I will not be a bother or a burden to his money-making hospitals. Based on the video, Mintsters just give us plenty of sarcasm and zero empathy. Just Mr. Hen talking cock! Another wayang, another day’s work to justify obscene million dollar pay! The more they "strengthen the CPF", the worse our lives become. ... Please, denigrate us no more and stop treating Singaporeans like idiots! Let us live with dignity. Just because we are peace loving citizens does not mean that you can walk all over us. Trying your luck too far may just change a push to a shove. Yes, even peaceful monks can turn into citizen activists. They are at it in Myanmar! Do what’s honourable - Simply explain the difference in returns of GIC, Temasek and my hard earned CPF. Come clean with transparency! My problems may have been less if the returns in my CPF had been on par or better than Malaysia’s EPF. Maybe part of the interest that could have been mine has ended up in the purchase of Manchester City Football Club. Am I co-owner now? Thanks Kenneth for igniting the fire of a sick and tired Singaporean to write something on this disgraceful state of affairs Sincerely, Feed me to the Fish http://freedom-for-man.blogspot.com/2007/09/cpf-lies.html I copied the above article from littlespeck.com This is a polite letter from a disgusted oldie who could not take it any more. And this is only one of many written, by one who can write. And there are many who cannot write or have no means of expressing themselves and be heard, but have more angry things to say. My posts in my blog and forum are only skimming through the tooth by being polite. I could post more angry stuff. But despite what this anonymous uncle said, he is still a sheeple. He only demands an explanation on the difference in interest earned. Remember my story on the Sheeple and the Robber? We should be demanding that the 55 withdrawal age stays and including the Medisave and Retirement Account portion. That was the first position. And if people want to put some in Medisave and Retirement Account for higher interest, let that be voluntary. The owner decides what he wants to do with his money. And why should self employed people continue to pay into their Medisave when it has reached the legal maximum? Is the contribution to the Medisave a bottomless pit? If $28k is max, those who have reached the max need not have to put in any more. What other stupid reasons? Whose fucking idea is that?


Matilah_Singapura said...

Ah. Ken Tong. A man after my own libertarian/objectivist heart. And anyone who has html links to Lew Rockwell and the Mises Institute on his site is my kind of Sovereign Individual — perhaps even a fellow traveller on the road of Anarcho-Capitalism...

I'll add some comments to the post here. Yes, there are LIARS in our midst as there are ROBBERS, and if one is protected by the State, one can legally lie, cheat, steal and even KILL... but even better than that any MORAL JUSTIFICATION for such acts are generally accepted as "alright" by the blind, deaf, dumb and dishonest SHEEPLE.

In actual fact:


To quote from this page:

The reason WC Fields said "you can't cheat an honest man" is that, an honest man cannot be enticed with either ill gotten gains, or excessive promises of profits. [...]
As Hitler said, "If you repeat a lie enough people will believe it" and "the biggest lies are the easiest to believe"

Amazing stuff lies.

They really are capable of making people believe the most ridiculous things, and if propagated often enough can infect an entire society. [...]


It is not my intention to kick a man when he is down... but this uncle has no one else to blame but himself.

The fact is he has the guts, passion and energy to write such a post, thus IMO he is not as "helpless" as one would be led to believe.

We all CAN—if we choose to—learn from our errors, and ALL BAD EVENTS WE EXPERIENCE can be traced back to errors in thinking. And the "feedback" if taken in the right spirit, and learnt from makes us better. Of course there are those who don't learn and they rightfully earn the ridicule the rest of us heaps on them :-)

This uncle is alive, and because he is he can—if he so chooses—eventually "win". As humans, we solve problems. That is what we do.

Unfortunately some QUIT at life—complaining bitterly about how "unfair" it is or that "so-and-so did such-and-such" i.e. they play "the victim". The "easy" way out is to always shirk personal responsibility and blame other people, other things, one's "circumstance" or simply "bad luck". In other words: Cop out.

But these are bad choices because it still leaves the basic "problem" unsolved, and the person(s) affected are still no better off. Now they've added an extra problem: they feel terrible and that dis-empowers them even more.

On the positive side, these folks do provide the rest of us some meaningful entertainment—much better than the crappy American vomit dished out by network TV and Hollywood.

Yessir, I make it a point to revel in the hardship and suffering of others, and always find the time in my busy schedule to be ENTERTAINED by their painful sacrifice, for humanity! Whahaha!

It seems many people are waiting for "someone" or "something" to SAVE THEM.... In the last 50 or so years the world we live in has been weaned on an ENTITLEMENT MENTALITY — i.e. "the world owes me a living, the government will look after me", which has led to the goal of politics being a WELFARE STATE— a state where no one is required to be responsible for themselves, and everyone relies on The Govt to provide EVERYTHING from cradle to grave.

Enjoy the show, folks! Including you LAZY WORTHLESS BUMS out there! (I hope you die in your own shit and drown in your own piss. Now that would be ENTERTAINING! Muah-hahahah)

Anonymous said...

Uncle has MORE - LOTS MORE -


than YOU - chow ah kwa!

You left Singapore and talk so much shit here, calling bloggers here names and acting loud.
Quit acting tough. Get a LIFE. Get the fuck out!

Anonymous said...

matilah, like some others, you have succumbed to cursing sheeples which is the easiest to do but brought youself into comtempt by doing it. you only antagonize the sheeples this way.

i think you did not realize that when you write it in this manner it reflects yourself. werent you once a sheeple? did you throw the glove or you actually copped out when there wasnt a "someone" or "something" you waited for appeared?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Wow redbean. Check it out man,

I have a couple of FANS here... ok, ok they may be arsehole-babies, but I think they exude a certain je ne sais quoi—especially in the way they attempt to dictate to me what I should or should not do, along with their comical psychoANALysis (so-called).

You geniuses keep posting, I just am crazy for the attention.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

matilah, you really are a maniac de haut en bas. i am sure redbean is averse to your vituperation esp against sheeples as it isnt helpful to his blog.

Anonymous said...

First, you just kpkb.
Then, you kenan fucked back by bloggers here, U said don't take net too seriously.
Then U got fucked again.
And you now said bloggers who fucked you are yr fans.

If there's ONE blogger who tears down this blog with cowardly ball-less pussy whinings, it has to be you. We all can see.

Come one, U want to play? BE STEADY lor! Don't MODERATE yr blog, hiding behind some act-shittough facade, then scolding blogger's mothers here in Red Bean's blog.

We CAN'T find a more depravable, despisable pussy.

Anonymous said...

Maniac? Really?

Want to meet?


Anonymous said...

i hate to say this but matilah seems to be the coolest and most stable guy on the net, while his detractors are sweating all over the place :-)

Matilah_Singapura said...

anon 10:28

> And you now said bloggers who fucked you are yr fans. <

Why else would the fuck me?

Man, you really are stupid. ;-)

redbean said...

matilah suffers from split personality. many personalities. it depends on whether he drinks mekong whisky, toddy or wine.

sometimes he is quite a gentleman. sometimes like a whore. sometimes totally mabok: )

Matilah_Singapura said...


It is true I like to drink, occasionally to what some may consider "to excess".


I take exception to your veiled allusion that I am a lush—neither able to hold my liquor, nor moderate my behaviour.

I will assert that I always hold my licker, usually by the hair around her ears :-)

In the real world, most people will avoid an accident—especially when driving sloshed. But on the net, the idea is to LANGAR with other users in the arena of ideas—especially the dumb fucks and nasty cunts, who God made...to teach us tolerance and forgiveness toward toxic people and malfunctioning human beings. ;-)

In the real world, an accident when drunk is serious business. On the net, smashing into others is ENTERTAINMENT!

As I am the perennial and preeminent moral compass for the Human Race, it behooves me to remind you, dear redbean that:

When you point your finger at someone, three fingers are pointing back at you. ••

redbean said...

you should make an appearance at the singapore speaker's corner. i am sure you will get a crowd.

Anonymous said...

now we know, its a hot air merchant