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Thank you Chok Tong

I will like to thank Chok Tong for his thought to help the self employed. Its the thought that counts. But just concentrate on helping the self employed in his constituencies. I know how to take care of myself. And I think many self employed too know how to take care of themselves. Please don't bother. We appreciate your concern. Thank you, thank you very much. May God bless you for your good thoughts and good deeds. Just leave us alone.


TuraiKiller said...

Can't delivered & empty promising still get around in politician. In his hand we got CPF cut, wages freeze & was told to bit the bullet but they restored wages & increased as well. He claimed those left sg as quitter but his own daughter are married overseas.

Anonymous said...

Oh, haven't you heard the Chinese saying that people in Government have two mouths. Either way, whatever they say counts. They are never wrong, it's a matter of which mouth is talking.

Anonymous said...

the govt's main concern is you!

redbean said...

sure, they want to take care of me.

singaporeans must thank the govt for taking good care of them. it is good that they tell the govt to go a bit easy, don't have to work so hard. the people really appreciate what the govt has done. no need to do so much.

the govt has done enough. and there are still so many things in the pipeline. too many goodies.

singaporeans are going to have indigestion.

Matilah_Singapura said...

...and I repeat...

The road to hell is paved with "good intentions".