Tan Sri Muhyiddin speaks

It's been a long time since we last hear about Muhyiddin. His promotion or kicked upstair to become Agriculture Minister has put him safely in a corner despite his heavyweight status as an UMNO Vice President and a potential PM. And his Mentri Besar position was filled by Abdul Ghani, a favourite of Mahathir. After so many years in the shadow, he is speaking out. He feels that the Malaysians are mature enough to discuss privately, not under the glare of TV coverage, and not kris kissing, on the issue of the social contract between the three key racial groups in the country. Even for saying this, he is risking his position as some quarters in UMNO will see it as an undermining of the special position of Malays in Malaysia. And he also commented on the IDR and that Singaporeans should work around the sticky problems of Malaysian politics. There are ways. And this sounds rather interesting. If only that he is the Mentri Besar of Johore. But getting around is only temporary and investors are not going to risk millions and billions just to get around a corner without any long term protection under the law should some hot brands start to wield their krises and beat the kombangs. It is a difficult and winding road to negotiate for all parties, the Malaysian govt and the foreign investors.


Anonymous said...

Getting around a corner may not be enough to get you anywhere. You may end up in a 'no through road'. The long term problem is that Malaysians, especially the Malays, are in the politics of bashing Singaporeans anytime, anywhere, anyhow, and under any circumstances. Even with protection under the law, that too can be changed. You should know what 'Malaysia boleh' means.

redbean said...

this is something they still cannot appreciate. they still think that a few words of assurance are good enough and people will just pour money into malaysia. they cannot appreciate the harm they have done to malaysia on a long term basis.

the trust, reliability and predictability and confidence of a country cannot change like the weather or a man or a group of men's fancy.

they have done so much damage to themselves and still did not know. how are they going to reassure investors that there will be no more volte face?

when the flight of capital is due to erratic policies, i too don't have no answer on what malaysia should do to regain the trust and confidence of investors.

Anonymous said...

Mahathir speaks



Anonymous said...

Why so kaypoh Redbean ? it's their country, they have the right to do whatever they want. just like we wouldn't like them to meddle in how we run our country. if you want to invest, then do it. if you don't trust them, then stay out. why the need for all this lecturing about what they should or shouldn't do.

redbean said...

not only that i can't teach them, no one can. it is their own country and their destiny.

but we must wish them well. when they are rich and prosperous, we will also feel much more comfortable. maybe instead of hurling abuses and threatening us now and then, they will just spit at us a little to show that they are better than us when they made it.

but better that than them throwing rocks at us. small little red dot.

Anonymous said...

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