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solutions to ease traffic jam

Another letter in the media suggesting how to ease traffic jams without resorting to higher ERP charges. He suggested that a few lanes be reversed to allow traffic on the jammed side to drive through as done in Melbourne. Actually all these are temporary solutions. The best and most effective solution is for the population to hit 6.5 million. By then the moment you drive out fo the car park you will hit the jam. That will deter anyone from driving. Then the obvious solution is to raise the ERP charges to $10 per pass and there will be passes at every turn. A drive out of the car park to work or shopping will easily cost $100. Would there be any jams any more? And HDB car parking fees can be raised to $300 a month as the cars will be parked permanently in the car park. And car park owners can decorate their own carparks to their own fancy as many will spend a lot of time keeping their cars company in the car parks than be on the road.


Anonymous said...

We have seen nothing yet. Singapore is a 'City of Possibilities'. That day will come.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we're a city of possibilities! So let's hear what other solutions Red Bean has to offer?

Anonymous said...

Whatever solutions we can think of, the moment it gets effective, the gahmen will divert to another "problem" area and up the cost$/ price$ to solve that "prob". Shucks!!

TuraiKiller said...

our stupid leaders got to wake up their greed desire. The small island will never able to sustain their dream populations, it just like a greed tiny snake wanted to swallow big elephants & end up get burst out, look at present populations is already so tramp with no spaces to move & breath all over the public places like in train, town, buses, hospital, road traffic, foodcourt even hardlander shopping mall. It ready a times for every s'porean to protest, hope to everyones in 8 sept. 2007.

redbean said...

me offering suggestions? the first question is how much will i be paid?

i can't be offering free solutions while people get paid in millions. you get the idea?

you are paid handsomely to do the job. you do well. good. you don't do well, we criticise. hey, we don't pay you millions for nothing huh? we expect million dollar quality solutions.

TuraiKiller said...

Precisely, pay serveral millions annually to expect high quality of performance but we got worst than monkey, the group of greed gorillas, in return demand this & that from us. It ready make me feel like blow off their nest. Look at their link investment Bank (DBS, POSBANK, OCBC) & other huge profitable link companys are making tonnes of money.
Yet the banks & CPF interest rate still so low especially Bank. The people are expected to be their slaves till dead, forget about the fxxk CPF money, citizenships so long this pool capitalism heartless idiots still exist.