Singaporeans dying

Ya, I think Singaporeans are suffocating and dying from too much tender loving care. The govt has been so pro active and caring and has been working so hard to improve the lives of Singaporeans that Singaporeans have never got it better. This is a case of too many good things. It is like a dream. Maybe the govt should cool down a bit and don't do so much. Jer lat. Not jiat lat.


Anonymous said...

boh gay nebermind,
dun boh gay boh lui,

and make me spend money on you..
must be fair to everyone right?

redbean said...

ya lah,

always point the finger at the people saying people no money will go to take from the govt. who is the one?

if anyone come and tell me like dat, i will do, you know what, to him? always accusing people as pathetic and useless.

and this becomes the justification to make the whole population suffer the same straight jacket policy.

Anonymous said...

if you are a private banker, would you spend more time with well heed mercs driven wealthy individuals or 3 roomers?

let's be real, this is the reality of life... this is singapore INC.,

so many well heeled high networth individuals are flying in, from indonesia, thailand, korea, malaysia, gulf, hongkong and china.... and we are so preoccupied with these wealthy top notchs...

Anonymous said...

as long as you dun disturb the kitty, i will still give you paupers a listening ear.

The Oriental Express said...

I am one of the top agents in my company. My best friend is an illiterate but remarkable lady with admirable character. The staff I care for most in my company is our 70 year old cleaning lady.

I have some rich Indonesian clients. When they are in town, I don't chauffeur them (I don't drive) and neither do I run errands like finding schools for their children, etc. or queue up to buy bak chor mee for them. My primary duty is to get them excellent investments and my gift to them is my sincerity and integrity.

My 3 room HDB clients are as equally important as my clients who own bungalows.

redbean said...

singaporeans are practical people. we do nag here and there. but on the whole we are all doing well, as a people and a country.

we should not give the wrong idea that our kpkb is because we are living in hell.

but kpkb we must, as this is still far from paradise. we need to kpkb not only that it is our right to do so, but also good for people to know that we are still alive and watching.

we do not want to end up like myanmar do we? i am not talking about poverty, but liberty.

Anonymous said...

In Myanmar they don't kpkb. They 'boh pa si boh chou' (don't get kill don't run) so they are not armchair protesters but on-hands loud and clear protesters.

redbean said...

now that is first class stupidity.

if i were myanmese i will join the military and shoot the protesters.

Anonymous said...

We may think they are stupid, but likewise they think we are equally stupid sitting in front of a computer and kpkb for nothing. Strange world.

Matilah_Singapura said...

> we should not give the wrong idea that our kpkb is because we are living in hell. <

Hell? What hell? Motherfuckers, this is PARADISE compared to the majority of fucked up shitty cuntries—many of them close-by to S'pore. for e.g. Myanmar, Phillipines, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, China, Malaysia, Indonesia...etc etc every stinking shithole in Asia with the exception of Singapore, S Korea, Brunei, Hong Kong, Macau and Japan.

As I have always said, if you can't become at least reasonably wealthy in Singapore, you must be:

1 Lazy

2 Stupid

3 Too Lazy to become smarter

4 Too stupid to choose effort over indolence

5 Needy—"The World Owes Me A Living"

There is a lot shouting and yelling on the blog... and in the media... everywhere. If there is an OUTLET, people will use it to vent their spleen occasionally. It is good—to let it all out... like a GOOD SHIT.

BUT, consider this, if the society wasn't at least reasonably "wealthy" to begin with, most of the people here yelling and ranting won't be here, because they'd be eking out a living, looking straight at the asshole of a bullock as the pair of them roam around a padi field...

I'll say it again, if you can't get your shit together in a society like Singapore, where the fuck do you think you can go to "be successful"?

redbean said...

we are in paradise. only don't take it for granted that it is already perfect and enjoy without care.

paradise can disappear in thin air.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Has it disappeared?

Or are you looking for straw men? Someone to conveniently blame when:

1 Your life fucks up

2 The lives of people you care about fuck up

3 The lives of people you pretend to care about fuck up.

Get real lah.

Anonymous said...

The Oriental Express said...
I am one of the top agents in my company....
September 28, 2007 5:41 AM

blah blah blah... and I can bet you are anyday bruther. But here's the news, even if you are there is no need for such drama lah, becos it is obvious to all that you are an exception to the rule... hmm that you are so singaporean is as plain as daylight! So predictable isnt it?

Anonymous said...


redbean said...


get real lah. who says i care?

this is only a blog for kpkb.

who cares? oops, don't touch on sensitive issues.

Matilah_Singapura said...

> who says i care?

Who's the fuck cares who says you care?

Matilah_Singapura said...

anon 106:

Sarah Brightman? reeeeetch!

She don't:

• rock
• roll
• groove
• swing
• burn
• funk
• and is probably a lame lay.

Gimme the Rolling Stones and Eric Clapton anytime. Now that's GREAT English music!

Anonymous said...

you a dying has-been too?

Matilah_Singapura said...

To a certain degree, everyone is.

Matilah_Singapura said...

... so make sure you get yours first, before you fade away into oblivion!

...because before you can attain has-been-hood, you had better "make it" first!

redbean said...


these two don't even earn $1.5k a month. that is the price for doing this kind of work.

'o' level calibre.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Eh, don't anyhow say ok.

I got only PSLE lah.

... but I do my best ;-)

> these two don't even earn $1.5k a month. <

Wah. So terok ah? Perhaps some good career advice would be for them to hire out their asses at Orchard Towers...

I mean, to do better in life, one must increase one's skill set and meet the market with the in-demand products and services, right?