The Singaporean Dream

In his first National Day Rally speech after the general election Hsien Loong painted a big dream for Singaporeans, a first world lifestyle with the two IRs. In his second rally he painted a renewed Singapore with Punggol 21 as an example of how things will be. These will be the dreams of the new generations. The older generations used to dream of reaching 55 and getting their CPF to go Batam. Now they have two more dreams. One to start collecting their minimum sum at 62(may 67 next time) and a second dream to collect their annuity forever when they hit 85. The 55 dream used to be the biggest dream of all. A time to reap their life time reward that they have saved all their working years. Now this will only be a fleeting dreams to many as not all will have much money to withdraw when the day comes. And for those who are below 57, the 62 dream will progressively be pushed further to the future. It will become the 63 dream, 64 dream and 67 dream. Who knows, it can become the 70 dream one day. Likewise, the 85 dream is still a dream and may become a 90 dream. It is good to have so many dreams. Carry on dreaming, Singaporeans.


Anonymous said...

Pm is right, we are living in exciting times, there is so much in front of us, dun you think?

About retiring late, well that is not just exclusive to singaporeans is it?

We are all having fun living and working on the singapore dream, too bad for those who just dun get it. I suggests they think and dream positive things .. then their mind and thoughts will be ... positive!

redbean said...

you are very right. singaporeans now can look forward to work till 70 or may be 80. then they can look forward to their savings to pain the town red after 85.

we will see hordes of bubbly, excited but toothless ah peks in geylang and batam in the future, enjoying their golden years : )

may may, come, sit on kong kong lup. city of possibilities!