Singapore needs more reserves

This is the view of Goh Khee Kuan who wrote to ST forum. In his view he felt that the current reserves will not be enough especially when the Artic ice melts. We need billions to built dykes to keep out the water. And more, if no ships come a calling, we need more reserves to develop new infrastructure and new businesses. He forgets to add what if a meteor strikes the island. We need to built a defence shield against the meteor strike. In the same kind of thinking, the CPF savings by the members are not enough. What happen if they are struck by life threatening illnesses and need to be hospitalised? The bills will come in hundreds of thousands. And the artic ice will mean that their lower floor flats may not be liveable. And inflation risk! They probably need to set aside something like a million each for year 2050. We need to plan for the future and save even more.


Matilah_Singapura said...

A great idea. I think that the campaign ought to begin in schools—where all the brainwashing takes place anyway— to get school kids to donate a large chunk of their pocket money to the government to boost the reserves.

Since the fucking little shits and assholes-in-waiting are going to inherit this earth, they can jolly well contribute to the upkeep of humanity by paying for whatever preventative measures need to be taken to deal with the consequences of the melting polar ice.

Start the bastards young. They must learn to honour their government

redbean said...

no, no, we can't ask the future generation to pay for it. we must pay now.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Most people's kids are ugly, fucking stupid... and nearly everyone's kids are ill-mannered.

Teach the little shits a lesson. Make them pay :-)

BTW, parents remember to BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF YOUR CHILDREN. As I've already stated— they are ill mannered, obnoxious and a perenial annoyance.

Smack them hard. Teach them some discipline—if it is possible, and thank God that we have a death penalty!