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A Burmese Aung Soe appeals to Singapore to remain invested, but keep the moral high ground not just short-term interests. Sept 25, 2007 Well, the sad fact is that Singapore nowadays is being seen by average Burmese as a country which only cares for short term benefits. Winning the hearts of 55m Burmese will pay off in long run than tarnishing its reputation being identified as a mere materialistic nation. Singapore can stay neutral, keeping high moral ground while making wise investments. It should refrain itself from being seen as accomplice of junta.... Friends in need are friends indeed. Posted by: Aung Soe I copied the above from The Burmese are looking at us as a materialistic country devoid of feelings. Just money and profits, no morals. The Indonesians and the Malaysians are also saying the same. Coming from the Burmese means that much more pertinent. They have no quarrels with us and their views are more objectives. What about we Singaporeans looking at our country or govt? The similarities are ironic and shocking. Despite all the so called caring politicies that are claimed to be good for the people, they are but unfeeling, cold and calculative policies to achieve the interest of an entity called country or nation but compromising or sacrificing the interest of the warm and feeling people. Good for the people are not necessarily good for the people. More for the state. The phrase 'good for the people' and similar phrases have taken on a meaning that is anything but good for the people. Only the converts would publicly agree to them but may not in private. No one is going to say that there is an elephant in the classroom. We have lost that connection with the people, uncaring for the people without knowing it, intentionally or otherwise. But everyone in power still claims and thinks so, that they care for the people. Only the people affected knows the tooth.


Anonymous said...

Well, the PAP government has made it that way. Made it more difficult for Singaporeans to do business abroad.

Anonymous said...

Yes, A lot of friends from other country had the opinion that Singapore is way too materialistic.
While some clueless people might think this is a perfect place to live, The truth is that singapore as a country is not as competitive as before and a few neighbours are catching up even overtaking us in some area.That is the pitfall of elitism. The elites are so high in the cloud that they forget there are people on th ground.Remember they left their own country for better jobs whats there to prevent them from leaving when their homeland stabalise.Remember pre1997 hongkong please.

Anonymous said...

burma is a very spiritual place.. junta in trouble now i can see.. no need for guns and canons.. just need a piece of paper and a doll..

redbean said...

this time it is big trouble for the military. how it will turn out is still too early to tell.

James Chia said...

Singapore, being a "corporate state" is just a profit-making entity. Social justice and human rights etc are not top priority. When there is a conflict between the two, you know what they will think of first - money.

redbean said...

agree. making profit and money, and more money are good. it makes life so much more convenient and comfortable.

but we need more than that to be human beans. we need to strike a balance, a little compromise here and there, a little evil, a little goodness.

redbean said...

morning oriental express,

all things are relative. if we compare to tokyo, that is our reference model, where is the jam?

we are striving to be like tokyo. only then will we be satisfied, that we have reached tokyo's standard : )