Role of Internet in the Odex Saga

Can the internet claim some credit for the change of tune in the Odex saga? I think in this case, the internet played a great role in putting a lot of adverse publicity on how Odex went about demanding compensation from the children. Definitely much more than what the main stream media had done. We are now seeing the table being turned and the parents and children breathing a little easier. But of course the court decision was a big help. Otherwise the service providers will be happily providing Odex the names of the downloaders. And for that they need to thank PacNet for standing up to Odex and saying NO. It is a lesson that Sheeples must learn. They must know their rights and what is theirs, eg the CPF money, and say NO when needed. Or else they will be trampled by every organisation with threats of legal actions.


James Chia said...

Internet is an extremely convenient tool to keep the reader informed of all the news happening around in the world, his consumer or citizen rights. All he needs is just a click on the mouse.

redbean said...

hi james,

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you are very right about this. in fact with the new generation getting older, the net is the most convenient thing for them, no need to move around or pay for world class transport fees. just stay at home and get connected.

and everyone is equal in the net regardless of race, language or religion, regardless of age, sex, position or wealth.

Anonymous said...

And the information need not be edited. Long live the net.

matilah_singapura said...

> All he needs is just a click on the mouse. <

Click :)

Anonymous said...

fuck you la matilah! who are you to make fun of others here?! bloody coward!