The Returns of the Sultans

Malaysia is going through a watershed in its political development. The mess that the politicians have created in the country has opened up a crack for the Royalties to make a comeback after so many years in the wilderness. The people are calling for more royal interventions to curb the abuses by the politicians. And now a royal inquiry into judicial integrity. There are more areas that the sultans could come in to ensure fair play. This is really ironical. In the past, the sultans were sidelined by the politicians for abuses. Now it is the other way. It is now the moderating force and with a higher moral authority to deal with crooked politicians. Welcome to the new Malaysia.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Man, I know what those young princes and princesses get up to.

Oh yeah, monarchy rocks.

That's why Thailand rocks!

redbean said...

its between the devil and the deep blue sea. but hopefully there are a couple of good ones emerging. just like the politicians.