Privatise Annuity Scheme

The idea of a compulsory annuity scheme for all CPF holders at 55 is a juicy dream. One can get even wet by simply thinking of the amount of money to be had. At $10k each and an average of 30,000 contributors, that is $300 mil annually. And this amount is for safekeeping for the next 30 years when the first payout is due. Multiply this number by 30, without talking about interest and investment returns, that is a whopping $9 billion in cash to play with. The management of this scheme should be privatised and open to the highest bidder. That will ensure that the investors will get the best returns. As we all know, only privatisation can ensure efficient management and good returns for the shareholders. I will bid to pay any surviving investor at age 85 a sum equivalent to 5 times his initial contribution at 55, or $50k for $10k invested. Alternatively, the investor can be paid $500 monthly for the rest of his life. And I am prepared to bid higher, maybe $60k or $600 pm. What is the catch? I think 70 or 80% will not live that long. And for those who don't survive, all his contributions will be forfeited to benefit the survivors. Secondly, it is a pyramid scheme where they will be new contributors paying every year. And yes, as mentioned above, the number of those dying before 85 will be so comfortable and their unclaimed investments will definitely be enough to be shared around to the survivors, generously. 30 years of collection without payout is too good and sexy a proposition.


Anonymous said...

Highly profitable time-sharing schemes operate this way too, it is therefore a proven highly lucrative model.

redbean said...

we need some entrepreneur to work out something that can benefit the oldies. this is worth exploring. it is not much different from the holiday camps in neighbouring countries except that this one you the oldies get paid while the former they will have to pay for their holiday camps.