What it could be

I am not going to make any proposal to this annuity drama. It was an unnecessary drama, wasting too much time and effort of everyone, kicking up emotions and touching on raw nerves for nothing. The present CPF system actually is more than adequate to serve the needs of the ageing population, with a little modification. Yeah, no need to sweat the small thing. At 55, the people should be allowed to withdraw whatever there is as provided under the present system. This should give them a pep high for the next few years till 62. After all they have been waiting for this day for their whole life. From 62-72, they should start to draw down on their minimum sum. A monthly sum of $500-$600 should be adequate as this is not going to be their only means of income except for some who are unemployable or in dire straits. With the new employment law, family support, their own savings and assets, a $500-$600 kopi money would be a welcome luxury. Therefore, the minimum sum need not be so huge, $50k should be more than adequate to do the job. From 72-82, people should be dying and should be preparing to die instead of building on more dreams of living to 100 and painting the town red. For those who are affected by serious sicknesses, many would have died by now. Those alive and relatively healthy should be allowed to draw down their $30k in the Medisave in the same way as an annuity. By the time they die, they should not leave very much behind. At least they live to spend their own money. From 82 onwards, there will still be survivors. Not many, and not many of these survivors would need charity. Some will. Maybe 10,000 or 20,000. At $300 pm, it will cost the govt $3 to $6 million or $36 -$72 million annually. Be generous, round it up to $100 million a year. Or put the survivor numbers of the needy and desperate to 100k, it needs only $1 billion. There is no need for the govt to cough out $1.2 bil or $2.4 bil to support this group annually. What is the problem? Must be my numbers. This is a very broadbrush look at the numbers that can be used to look at the problem. It is free. No need to pay a million so don't expect any details. Oh, in between, at 55 or 62, the govt may offer annuity or whatever schemes to encourage the people to keep more money with the CPF with incentives like $1 for $1 or higher interest rates. Those who are happy can opt to join the schemes.


Anonymous said...

What a joke. Singaporeans begging their government to release their own money back into their hands. How utterly pathetic. If Singaporeans are smart, they should emulate what the PRs are doing. Work here for a number of years building up their CPF nest, and then ditch their NRICs and move on to better places. Those who insist on staying put and have to resort to begging their govt to release the cpf to them really have no dignity left.

Anonymous said...

some ppl are encouraging others to live the country in retaliation. it is either silly or ill intent. have they never heard of "good riddance bad rubbish"? unless theres an exodus that could bring abt a desired effect, nobody would care.

why some ppl who said theyd left are still posting here?

redbean said...

can't expect very much from sheeples really. doggies better still. they will just wag their tails in full appreciation.

Anonymous said...

its not like that, redbean. surely you know leaving the country is definitely not the answer. firstly its not easy and secondly it just doesnt bring abt any effect. or does it? its just defeatism.

redbean said...

that i agree with you. migrating is like jumping from a frying pan into the deep blue sea. unless the person is so rich and talented and can buy his way around.

otherwise it is starting all over. and for migrants, they are at the mercy of the new environment and new sharks around them.

this is home. it is a great place. we must try to make it better by kpkb if there is nothing else that we can do.

Anonymous said...

There are 500K Singaporeans living overseas. That's not including the many thousands more who have given up their sillyzenships, and collected their CPF. They can't all have been devoured by sharks. Two can play the twisted analogy game. Singaporeans who don't have the courage to leave are like the proverbial frogs in boiling water. You will only find out that you are doomed, just before their end is near. Better to be labelled a deafeatist and have my own money in hand than stay and fight for it, with the most likely outcome you won't see your own money anyway, and if you're unlucky will also end up with a cracked skull. In a nutshell, those who refuse to leave are simply a bunch of losers. They only have the courage to display their bravado on cyberspace. In the real world, all they are capable of is organising black tshirt protests.

redbean said...

hi anonymous,

i must say i admire the guts of those who migrated. and at times i am envious of them. but i am still quite comfortable here. there is no push factor for someone like me to leave.

a friend of mine almost left. he has a wife and a young child. he changed his mind after second thought. he said what happens if he is to die prematurely, by accident? here he has the whole network of relations for his family to turn to. in a foreign land, and worst if his death is too recent, his family would have to fend for themselves in the unknown. this is a practical problem.

it is a very big decision and a very brave decision. for a young person, it is quite easy. when there are dependants involved, not so easy unless the push factor is too great.

Matilah_Singapura said...

anon 1243 said:

> There are 500K Singaporeans living overseas. That's not including the many thousands more who have given up their sillyzenships, and collected their CPF. <

As many as that?? Can you provide the source of your figures.

It would be impossible to imagine a mass migration of the population, unless of course the island was sinking (for e.g.: from the weight of too much over-building resulting from too many en bloc sales).

To emigrate or not remains individual personal choices. The great majority of S'poreans belive in the choice of govt, which is why the PAP stay in power.

Overseas S'poreans are allowed to vote, and they too it seems, as a majority prefer the PAP to remain in power. The axiom is proved time and again: the people get the govt they deserve.

My emigration experience has been a exhilarating adventure—I have zero regrets. If I had to do it over, I would, in a heartbeat.

Anyone who doesn't seriously contemplate leaving this little red dot is guaranteed to regret it in later life. You don't have to do it—but at least give it serious thought and discussion with the important people in your life.

In that way you will know for *CERTAIN* that if you do stay it is because you WANT TO stay in Singapore, not have to stay in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

>As many as that?? Can you provide the source of your figures.

U made 1 more of this figure, pal.
Say, where are U based now?


Anonymous said...

to migrate becos of ur unhappiness is to run away from the situation that everyone else together is facing. i dont think that is a courageous decision - running away. are you now very happy that you are no longer one of the sheeples or doggies? why are you here to soil yourself again in this mire then? have you become a bufflo?

to kpkb your frustration, as redbean said, as sheeples is legit. becoming a foreigner and kpkb becomes more like interfering.

Matilah_Singapura said...

anon 729:

Singapore. This week. Back to Thailand week after.

So... where did you get this 500k figure? Or is it your own guessimate?

My guessimate puts it at 200K

Anonymous said...

>Matilah_Singapura said...
>anon 729:
>Singapore. This week. Back to Thailand week after.

Oic. But had U renounced sillyzenship n collected yr cpf? U mean U're back here as a tourist or working?

Thailand's a tad chaotic for now, me la. :-)

redbean said...

citizenship is only a piece of paper. some have that piece of paper but the heart is elsewhere. how dangerous for them to be doing ns?

my impression of matilah and many ex singaporeans is that though they may have given up the piece of paper, in their hearts and minds, they are still singaporeans. or at least a part of them is still singaporean.

we should not be like some narrow minded people, trying paint a black and white picture of people. once they give up the paper, called them quitters or other worst terms.

we should accept their choices and welcome them as our brothers and sisters or ex brothers and sisters.

Matilah_Singapura said...

> citizenship is only a piece of paper. <

Fucking nonsense. It is more than that. It is an edict and a one-sided contract.

As a citizen you have certain obligations, responsibilities, duties and you reap certain entitlements.

If you are caught violating your LEGAL responsibilities as a citizen, you can be charged as a criminal and punished.

For e.g.: It is illegal for any Singaporean to consume any substance prohibited under the Misuse of Drugs legislation—regardless of where that citizen maybe. This is an example of an extra-territorial law.

You fun-loving folks who've been smoking big fat joints and enjoying lovely sweets, pastries and coffee, whilst listening to jazz and reggae music in Amsterdam's infamous "coffee shops" better realise that you are breaking one of LKY's Laws as you get stoned.

Thus as a S'pore citizen you have to remain straight if you are to comply fully with the LAW.

anon 947:

Without giving up too much personal info ;)

I use S'pore as a "hotel" stop over/ R & R/"regional office"... etc. etc. It has great restaurants, shopping, banking, communications and business services. (just like what they tell you in the ads) In fact, I use S'pore for EXACTLY WHAT THE GOVT encourages business folk to do.

I fully comply with the S'pore government :-)

Anonymous said...

You leeching pussy!
Who gives a damn about your pathetic life of a motherless misery!?

Don't shoot yr cum-mouth here UNTIL you show us you can take criticism like an adult (female or pussy)-----leave your own blog unmoderated like red beanie's one here!

Own self so kiasii yet go around here acting tough!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
>Matilah_Singapura said...
>anon 729:
>Singapore. This week. Back to Thailand week after.

Oic. But had U renounced sillyzenship n collected yr cpf? U mean U're back here as a tourist or working?

Thailand's a tad chaotic for now, me la. :-)
September 22, 2007 9:47 AM

A popular young Thai singer denied she had any sexual relationship with Thaksin..
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Lydia, Here I Am, is sold out....
She didnt do it (she said);
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Anonymous said...

This is really stupid i tell you, if the 50 to 100 people that live past 100 are poor and welfare dependent, i doubt they could in singapore at least have the right nutrition diet and positive mindset to last that long in the first place.

If we are talking about a few financially independent centurions, i am not sure whether there is any need for further advice then.

If there are 100 t0 200 desparate and poor citizens living past 100 needing help, is that going to throw the country into a financial crisis?

Are we really expecting the life expectancy of singaporeans to go to 100 years?

redbean said...

yes yes. everyday go for medical checkup by the best doctors.

everyday take ginseng, birdnest and all the vitamin pills.

have enough sleep and rest, good food, good life. no pressure, no stress.

only if you can afford it.

Anonymous said...

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