Please stop nannying us

We do not want to be nannied. Please stop nannying us. And please stop uttering that the people are hopeless and mindless and always ask the govt to nanny them. It is the govt that insisted on nannying the people against their wishes, to be left alone.


Matilah_Singapura said...

I am afraid you are wrong redbean. The over-whelming majority want to be nannied.

Dig up old news articles and then tell us.

Everytime they announce some kind of bonus like the baby bonus for e.g., people are keen to know "what's in it for me".

And how many times have you read for calls for the govt to "do something" to (for e.g.) "help the poor"?

Why should the govt, say, help the poor? Simple reason— no one else can be bothered—they are too busy eating, shopping and keeping up with each other materialistically.

Who's got time for the poor? Fuck the poor! Let them eat cake!

redbean said...

true hor. i agree with you again. that is why is am saying that we all just chat to past time here.

and for those who are so unhappy about some of our whinings, please don't be angry. we just talk for fun lah.