Phenomenal growth in population

We are now 4.68 million! Another 1.8 million and we are there, 6.5 million. Not bad. Think we can be there in two years. And we don't even feel the squeeze. Maybe 10 million is a reasonable target.


The Oriental Express said...

Ang Tau ah! You must be joking ah!
Do you not realise that the mrt is always jam packed and so are the buses. Despite all the ERP, ALS and what have you, the roads are jammed nowdays!

4.8 million hard to breathe and you want 10 million. Wo terh tian ah!

Anonymous said...

The more beans the merrier!

Anonymous said...

Well, the elites don't realise this because wherever they go, carparks are cleared for them, traffic police are there to ensure they have right of way, so when have they ever met with jams or congestions.

Congestion is a problem only for the peasants and peasants have no rights to space, not to mention their own money.

Anonymous said...

And what do we get for all these inconveniences and squeeze? .. Inflation across the board. Do you really want more people?

Anonymous said...

they shud stop the population increase or compensate all for the inconveniences.

must be fair to everyone right?

Lost4ever said...

we need the additional people to ensure there are:
1. enough tax payers to fund the salary & lifestyle of the elites.
2. to have enough people to queue up at the 4D booths.
3. to have enough future tax to pay for the medical care of the dying population.
4. to have enough squeeze in the trains and buses so that profit can be maximized.
5. to have a big enough local market to that we dun need to be half dead when US or China has a small cold.
6. to have every inch of the island fully utilised, building more high rise.
7. to have everyone feel rich as their assets are worth much higher due to needs.

and for all locally born males to feel stupid that we got to do NS to protect all this additional people who shares every bit without having to sweat it out....

Matilah_Singapura said...

I am in favour of extremely high population density for Singapore.

Imagine the level of capitalism required to drive this mother... imaging the amount of rent you can charge if you own some real estate.

Imagine the influx of cheap labour (housed in high density accommodation) required to serve this huge market... imagine the night life, the shopping and the services available.

Imagine the enhanced comunication systems—arrivals and departures from Singapore—the regional hub for fun seekers (me).

I don't really care about "congestion" (other people may care about it, fuck it) because to me S'pore is a HOTEL. Most of my activity is concentrated in the city and of course Holland V, Clarke Quay et al.

Also, I don't really care to live in S'pore for any lengthy period—just do some work and have loads of fun, then GO HOME to the Lucky Cuntry... my favourite spot, Australia.

redbean said...

with so many reasons given by lostforever, i also have to accept the influx of foreigners. it is good for everyone and everything.

Anonymous said...

So much bull from an extended primary school educated ex-Singaporean Matilah. Is it any wonder this blog is losing sanity and respect or even participation?

Red Bean, where are you? ;-P

* elle *

redbean said...

hi elle,

i thank everyone for their civility. for matilah's post, just read with a sieve.

those are his trademark macho rants.

it adds a little bit of spices. i only fear an overdose.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Don't worry redbean, you won't ever overdose— especially on this blog.

If it wasn't for my presence, your blog would be fucking boring—like watching flies fuck.

You're welcome. Don't mention it.

Anonymous said...

> those are his trademark macho rants. <

U think we bloggers can't tell any better?
U call such macho? Ha!
U gonna admit U two are in cahoots?


Anonymous said...

shud we stalk this arsehole bandit and flame him each time he posts?

Anonymous said...

Redbean, foul language doesn't make one macho.

redbean said...

i can agree that foul language doesn't make one macho. that is why i refuse to use foul language except my occasional outburst for something that i am really pissed off.

but different people wear their fashion differently. the americans and the aussies, the lesser breeds from the aristocratic brits, enjoyed displaying their humble unbringings. and asians being very impressionable, like to imitate everything the americans do as cool.

so you have it.

redbean said...

but matilah said is also true. it gives an evil twist to an otherwise clean and green environment.

i enjoy varieties but not vulgarity for the sake of vulgarity.

our parliament can be more colourful if matilah is there.

Anonymous said...

if shorn lambs start to quarrel with each other, the meaning for any discussions here only goes down the pan.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I say again, you MOTHERFUCKERS are giving me far too much attention.

One arsewipe even suggests I be flamed everytime I post.

What a fucking loser dead-dog's dick you are. As if that is going to scare me....

ooooo ooooo... I'm shitting....yeah, shitting right down the hole in your neck after I rip off your head.


redbean said...

ya, shorn lamb are good only for their wool and lamb chop.

but don't confuse shorn lamb with sheep dogs.

Anonymous said...

Maybe its time to let this blog be a two men show.

Anonymous said...

Yes! That's all is needed here actually.
2 fellows: 1 clown owner who goes on and on defending his kaki ah gua who left Singapore and kept shooting cum @ other contributors here.

redbean said...

thank you for your presence and contributions.

keep postings. my blog used to rank in the 30s. with your persistent presence and postings, it has rose to be in the 20s.

thank you.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Overcome by anxiety anon 1217 vomited:

> Maybe its time to let this blog be a two men show. <

Great. Now you too can have a life. Hey, don't let the door hit you in the arse on the way out. ;-)

Whilst sucking voraciously on his mastectomied mum's remaining tit, anon 1231 gurgled:

> kept shooting cum @ other contributors here. <

No, you are wrong.

I will piss on your head, I will rip off your head and shit down your throat, and as a salutation to Monty Python, I will fart in your general direction...


I only shoot cum on people I like.

Perhaps I've set a good example for you to follow: use your body fluids WISELY—specific bodily fluids for specific purposes.

...please, don't mention, you're most welcome!