The people support the annuity proposal!

I woke up this morning and started to scan the msm. I was looking for a black page or some reports on the Black September event yesterday. The only thing black are the black words on white paper. I couldn't believe my eyes and went through the paper one more time. Confirmed. No Black September Incident reported. But wait a minute, as I look closer, more blacks started to appear. The featured policemen of the Star team were all in black. The lawyer was in black, CPF staff were in black. And the leaders attending the APEC meeting were in black. Duh, they wore black for a different reason. So there was no Black September to protest against the annuity scheme. And the online petition only received a pathetic 700 signatures, including mine. This should be enough evidence to prove that the people are all in support of the annuity scheme. I am just a minority. The govt shall now feel more comfortable to go ahead with the scheme and all the parliamentarians can vote with their conscience that the people are all for it. I still do not want anyone to mess with my life saving, even if it is $2. It's my money. Back off!

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Matilah_Singapura said...

Nonsense. Most people have lives, and thus are probably having wild sex on Saturday afternoons.

Losers, low lifes and arseholes who need to join groups—like "democracy groups"—in order to validate their identity are the ones who have the time to turn up to a shopping centre on Saturday for political reasons—sell books, sell T-shirts, protest...

Compared to what Aussies do, as recently experienced at Sydney's APEC gathering, S'porre protesters are a bunch of lame-ass fucking losers; definitely state-educated. You can tell, because they are so scared of challenging authority—they are worse than pre-menstrual GIRLS!