People in favour of compulsory annuity!

This is what I read a few days earlier. I think it was reported somewhere that Singaporeans welcomed compulsory annuity as they see a need for it. And there were many views expressed in the msm and cyberspace supporting it and arguing that Singaporeans have to look after themselves and it is not the responsibility of the govt to look after them. Today I read in the msm that several MPs commented that many people were negative about the compulsory annuity. Many do not believe that they will live till 85 and beyond. I hope there will be statistics produced in Parliament to convincingly prove that many people will live pass 85. 'Many' should be quantified and not just 'many'. Some numbers will be useful to prove that it is truly the case. And also some numbers to prove that those who live till this age still need to depend on charity. And a distinction shall be drawn between the current oldies who are mostly from the lost generation of illiterates, ingnorant, penniless and single and the new oldies coming on stream that are well educated, rich and even have families. Not forgetting a fat CPF account and owning properties, even a cheapskate 3 rm HDB flat may worth more than a hundred thousand in the right area. We can make do with a bit less of bullshiting.

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