Pau tau, pau buay, pau kah tsng

This is what Singaporeans are becoming. We cover our head, our tail(figuratively) and our backside. In no time we will be mummified. Pau ka liow. How many times must Singaporeans cover themselves and plan for their retirement? These are some of the things that Singaporeans, the sensible ones, are doing. Forget about the reckless ones. Nothing can help them. Even you make everything compulsory, they have nothing to be held as ransom. Their CPF will likely be empty. Ok, first they would have a little savings. Then they will have a little flat. And a little family just in case. And some will have a little insurance policy. And many will continue to work till they die. And they will have some compulsory money in Medisave. Ok this one cannot touch unless they are sick. No food, hungry, just too bad. Then there is the minimum sum. Now, all these not enough? Really not enough? How much more must Singaporeans do to plan for their retirement? Now compulsory annuity is being proposed. Sudah lah. Might as well give up all their money and live on plain water and fresh air, then wait for 85 years to collect annuity to live forever. Is this ridiculous? I think it is insanity! Shit, they forget to set aside a sum for their coffin and funeral expenses!


Anonymous said...

I suspect the gahmen's fed up of tending to us Sengapooreans liao. Fed us pui pui fatty fatty
idle idle nuah nuah
slow slow bunn soh soh
whiny whiny kao peh kao bu
spoilt spoilt chao kuan
kiasi kiasi
soft soft buay pa nng nng
resigned buay peang buay cheong
buay loon buay loon intolerant intolerant
self-centered wa kong wa tio
demanding ai see ai wa
guai guai obedient obedient

So they feed themselves—more obviously now than before..

Don't get me started on the list of sick list for gahmen hor..

Want to laugh just laugh lor!!! :-P

redbean said...

they said they are fed up. they want the people to grow up. but they also insist on nannying the people to death.

can't blame them. they are so kind and caring, and so paternalistics.