The parents are responsible

I read in some quarters advocating that the parents of children who did the illegal downloading be held responsible for their behaviour. So would parents also be punished if their children steal, vandalised, take drugs, even murder? The parents cannot run away from sharing some of the blame. But to punish them for the misdeeds of their children? Shall we blame our education system or society too? Or shall we blame God and punish him for creating all the flawed humans? Where does the buck stop? It is so easy to pass the buck to the parents. Is this the way it should be?


Anonymous said...

Nowadays it seems to be parents without responsibility trying to push to teachers, teachers without responsibility trying to push to society, society without responsibility trying to push to God. The end is near.

Abao said...

Might as well legalise fansubs as fair use, like Canada. Then no need to play the blame game.

But seriously, companies seeking to blame the parents for their children's behavior can only be termed as greedy, since they can sue an adult for compensation.

redbean said...

in the olden days of china, when someone in the family committed a crime, the whole family will be executed. guilty by association.

the only thing guilty about the parents is that they happened to be the parents. in modern society, there is a need to prove that the parent is linked to the wrongful act. giving birth to them definitely is inadmissible as an accomplice : }

Anonymous said...

Flawed reasoning!

Matilah_Singapura said...

NO, the children should be punished.


Cruelty against children is illegal, but the state under certain instances can legalise is, just as the state legalises murder in war and executions, and theft in tax, and slavery in conscription.

I would very much enjoy the entertainment by watching say the public flogging of these young thieves.

In some cuntries they cut of the hand of the thief. Ah yes, the state can cut off the hands of these cyber thieves, broadcast the event at prime time, and sell advertising time at premium prices.

Fucking jumping Jesus H Christ, I'm full of good ideas today!