Only the healthy live past 85

Would this statement be true? I think generally this should be the case. Those that have a lot of medical problems will highly likely to knock off earlier, in their 60s or 70s. And these people will use up their Medisave faster. There will be a few exceptions of course. For those healthy oldies, could they live on the huge sum of $30 left in their Medisave at 85? By this age, I don't think they would want to waste on expensive medical operations to prolong their lives further. Even those in their 70s may not want to do so. If they have live past 70 healthily, they should be allowed to used their Medisave as a replacement for annuity. What the fuck is the $30k for if they cannot use it while living? To be buried with them? Would any MP bring this suggestion up in Parliament, that the oldies, once past 75, be allowed to dip into their Medisave and not let their hardearned money go to waste? In fact, with a little modifications, the Medisave is a ready alternative waiting to be used as a substitute for annuity. Why the need to build another huge sum of money to be set aside? Putting so much money aside is a luxury that the poor cannot afford. Only people who have millions of dollars can do that and think that the poor also must be coerced to do the same.

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