Oh God, have mercy on your people

The people must beg the govt for mercy. Please, please don't help us.( I thought that was what the govt said. There is no charity. The people must look after themselves, with their own money?) The more the govt is trying the help the people, scheming all kinds of solutions, the more the people will get it. To help the poorer section of the people, we have the 2% GST. Now what, everything is shooting up beyond control. More than the 2% for sure. The govt is going to provide world class transport system. Be prepare to pay world class fares. No free lunch. World class hospitals, pay. No such thing as opting for C class wards. You will be subject to means testing to make sure you pay. The GST was the magic formula to help the poorer people. Now we have another magic formula to help the aged, whether you need it or not, you must have it, in one form or another, flexibility. This is another cure all formula. And whatever objections there will be another counter argument for it. One thing for sure, it is a well thought out plan. A must have plan. Without which the people and the nation will face disaster in the future. The govt is going to help the people to help themselves. And the people pay, with their own money. There is no other better solution to this. No other solution except this one. The supertalents have done their jobs. They could not find any. All the suggestions by the people are hogwash, flimsy options that cannot work. Whine as much as you can now. But as sure as the sun will rise, the annuity plan will be there and you have to pay with your CPF money. Even if you have been planning for your own retirement plans with all your savings and insurance and assets, and children to support you. Oh God, please don't do so much for us, please. Your children just want to be children.


Matilah_Singapura said...

CPF = Tax

2% increase in GST = Tax increase

3-10% inflation (i.e. decrease in purchasing power) = Tax

I would be praying to god to kill these taxing motherfuckers instead.

... and may their children get bird flu or something :-)

redbean said...

you are most kind.