Odex not the licence holder

The court has ruled that Odex is not the licence holder and thus has no right to sue those downloaders, or something to this effect. Does it mean that Odex must now refund those money it claimed and collected from the parents of those children?


Matilah_Singapura said...

Wah, the "victims" could reap a windfall in law suits! Opportunity for enterprising lawyers!

Can sue:

1 ODEX for misrepresentation

2 ISP's for disclosing confidential info regarding customers' identities

3 Police and IDA, perhaps MITA for misrepresentation...

Sue sue sue... Singapore style!

Anonymous said...

Wait long long la.

What happened to boy kenan caned extra?

What happened to forum writer whom police @ marina fireworks display told off wif a "That's just too bad!"?

No apology. Even. :-(

redbean said...

hmmm, odex is a commercial organisation, like nkf and the map provider.

Abao said...


I can now understand why they changed tone but, don't be happy yet. Although ODEX's tone changed in their forum message, they have not given up yet. In fact they may now lobby the Japanese Studios to take action directly with their assistance.

redbean said...

their public statement about charity and their persistence in bringing the japanese in to fight their case tells two different story.

and it is going to cost them big when the curtain is drawn.