Notable quotes ; Leslie Fong

"Bloggers, on the other hand, just sound off as they please. They are not bound by professional standards and ethics, and are responsible to no one but themselves. So you read them at your own risk, or peril. Newspaper editors who give bloggers space, or even prominence, in their pages, in the hope that this will attract younger readers, are doing damage to their calling.” Leslie Fong, SPH Editor Dum, da di dum, dum dum : )


Matilah_Singapura said...

Well, there's a heck of a lot to respect about an individual' consistency...

This dubious charlatan, infamous amongst the media, has made a career of consistently defending his masters, the PAP, and their political agenda.

One might be more successful in getting a "free press" of a Geylang hooker's tetek than you would ever hoping for a "free press" in Singapore.

But wait... an instant revelation has just hit me:

I am suddenly reminded of the immutable truth; a perspicuous insight, expressed by Hustler publisher and notorious pornographer Larry Flynt:

"Everyone has an asshole, AND an opinion."

...and I think the newspaper in question sucks ass.

Hey dickhead, it ain't the truth, it's only my opinion.

redbean said...

he is the grandmaster of the local media industry. so his words carry a lot of weight. and he is also the president of the local journalist club. cannot take him lightly.

in life, you will be listened to when you are rich, powerful or holds big title.

the tooth is the tooth.

Anonymous said...

Who is he? Grandmaster of the tooth?

redbean said...

you all huh, don't be like that to the elite lah.

give some face can? if not they tell you the brutal truth to malu you then you know.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Fuck him.

Anonymous said...

Leslie Fong is just protecting his job.

The should know that there is no such thing as secure job.

He wouldn't make a good blogger as he is only a one trick pony.

Cheryl Be Good said...

Well at least he is a bigwig in his field of work.

Better than the lot of you, AND all the stupid losers who are blogging out there on the net, ASPIRING to be journalists.

That's all you will ever be. Aspiring.

redbean said...

hi cheryl be good,

welcome to the blog. everyone has his own views about things. agree with you that leslie fong has done well in his professional career. but his condescending remark is uncalled for. there is no grace or space for the young to express themselves. to him it is a waste of time to even hear their views.

this is totally unacceptable for an adult, especially a professional, to be so negative and dismissive. a little more charity will be well received.


Cheryl Be Good said...

That was not what some of the posts conveyed, clearly most of the posts do not sound 'humble' like your retort to me.

I think people like you need to be put in your place before you know where you belong. All a bunch of losers who don't know your loserly place in society.

"Everyone has an asshole, AND an opinion." This quote from matilah singapura's post was posted really ironically because it sums up the lot of you best.

Bloggers such as you lot are just a bunch of opinionated (that's why they try to write) whiners whose opinions don't mean anything to anyone else and have no weight (that's why they're on blogs and not published).

All losers of society and scums. Haha!

And all deluded about their place i society and the stupid things they do like blogging that only they think has any value but no one else does.

ANYONE can come up with a stupid blog so really you are all just Xiaxue without the make up with the angst and bitterness.

Quote "He wouldn't make a good blogger as he is only a one trick pony." Hahahhahhaa

The quote above is like a road sweeper saying of a prime minister, "He wouldn't be a good road sweeper cos his spine doesn't bend enough and he is not destitute enough."

All a bunch of down and out losers of society's fringe.

redbean said...

no one is a loser or a winner until he breathes his last breath. a winner or loser is a temporary state.

a loser may turn winner and vice versa. the most pitiful loser will be the most powerful one when the table is turned against him, like the end of a dynasty, the last emperor.

don't count your winnings until the game is over.

Cheryl Be Good said...

And so losers say. =)

Cheryl Be Good said...

And you are all the road sweepers in my analogy.... And Leslie Fong is the prime minister..

Do you realise that ANYONE can be a roadsweeper? LOL!