Notable quote by Ho Peng Kee

'No one in Singapore should be bereft of someone to turn to if they should need legal advice or help, including those who cannot afford to pay for it. Assoc Professor Ho Peng Kee Wah say. Help is available and on the way, to those who cannot afford to pay for it. I have several people owing me between $5k to $15k and I cannot collect from them short of bringing them to court or send a few debt collectors to paint O$P$ on their doors. Going to court would mean that I will have to cough out $3k-$5k for each case without even sure of getting my money back. Can I get help? Definitely no. Cause I can pay for it. But should I pay for it when the cost of recovery may be more than what my debtors are owing me?

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Anonymous said...

Money talks, bullshit walks. 'nuff said.