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Notable quote 2 by Ho Peng Kee

'You may be well-behaving, but there may be other people whom you come across when you cycle who may stop you, may want to debate with you and that may attract a crowd, and therefore will result in problems the police want to avoid.' Ho Peng Kee replying to Low Thia Khiang I just have to quote this. It was one of the reasons why WP was not given permission to hold a mass cycling event in East Coast Park.


Anonymous said...

It can only happen in Sink-a-pore!

Matilah_Singapura said...

Maybe this, maybe that.

Maybe a dengue-carrying aedes mosquito will plunge its proboscis into Ho's ass!

Anonymous said...

Ho-Ho-Ho-Ho. Oops sorry, not Christmas yet

Anonymous said...

Wow, such cheem words from a extended primary schooled Matila.. This is really sink-a-pore!