Myth 160 - Explaining away a myth

Explaining away a myth Temasek is in London to explain away the myth. What myth? That it is a 100% govt owned fund or that it is going to buy up other countries' national assets? There is this New Zealander by the name of Simon Israel, probably an employee of Temasek, probably a New Zealander, wondering how the Israel part comes in, saying that 'The idea that Temasek is an instrument of the Singaporean Govt could not be further from the truth.' 'All investment decisions have been made by Temasek's board, Mr Israel maintained. The Govt receives a 7 percent dividend, and gets an annual update on performance - and that is it, he said.' So Temasek is a separate entity, nothing to do with the Govt. Period. Or we can borrow the style of our northern neighbour by saying, 'Temasek is neither a Govt owned or non Govt owned organisation.'


matilah_singapura said...

No need to be so defensive lah, Temasek.

Be reminded, Singapore itself was "founded" (actually it was BOUGHT) by the World's Largest Government Company (it had its own well-armed army and navy too):

The HONOURABLE East India Company.

RULE BRITANNIA! Tally fuckin' HO!


redbean said...

what could be interesting will be for the ex colonies to do a reverse takeovers of all the large british companies, the banks, the stock exchanges, the ports, later the universities, museums, railways, public transport companies etc.

what it will be like if all the big british corporations were own by foreign companies or govts?

Matilah_Singapura said...

I think it would be GREAT.

I would like to see the Indians and Pakistanis own the Houses of Parliament, Westminister Abbey, British Telecom and The Bank of England

This is known as JUSTICE :-)

redbean said...

first they must take back their crown jewels. practically everything in uk and europe belongs to the afro asians.