More leeways for Singaporeans

Aren't Singaporeans glad that they are having more leeways, according to Dr Gillian Koh, 'a view echoed by former Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts director and Member of Parliament Baey Yam Kheng. In Dr Koh's view, civic society groups are now allowed to express more and at times more than political groups. She cited the little protest by children at the Youth Park to protest against anime distributor Odex as a big leap forward. What the handful of children did was to display some of their toy characters. And they were so lucky that the law gave them a lighter touch by just taking down their names. Nobody was arrested. Great progress! Singapore society is maturing. Hmmm, I thought in mature societies, they would not even be bothered with children playing with their toys. I may be wrong. But it is always good to start a day with such positive news like having more leeways.


Anonymous said...

Depends on who the children are protesting against. If it is against 'white elephants' which they did by wearing T-shirts of the same colour with the white elephants at Buangkok MRT station some time ago, the police gave them a stern warning. All this talk about being allowed to express as a big leap forward, who are they trying to kid.

Matilah_Singapura said...

If it comes out of Parliament, you can count on it as BULLSHIT