Korean hostages - Not end of story

Now that the hostages have all returned to S Korea, it is time to settle scores and talk cock. One corner are the bravados, the never negotiate with the enemy heroes. They are now screaming at the S Korean govt for giving in and undermining their position. This will encourage more hostages to be taken. How they wish the S Koreans were killed as martyrs. Then they can called for more attacks against the kidnappers. The S Korean govt is a big let down. Whimps. Another corner are the evangelists. They should be screaming 'Praise the Lord' for answering their prayers and returning the hostages safely. God has answered. And time to plan for more missions to save the Afghans. Their belief in the Almighty must have been strengthened. Some interviewed have expressed that the S Koreans were there to do a good deed and would likely be encouraged to do more good deeds. And the S Korean govt is going to settle the scores for the foolishness of those involved in the mission. All will have to pay, at least financially, for the ruckus. It was humiliating for the govt to have to negotiate with the Talibans and to be blame for any failure to bring the hostages home safely. Will the story be repeated again, by some other countries?


Anonymous said...

A busload of mainly young girls travelling with reckless abandonment in a terror infested war zone, not long after a terrified korean's head got chopped off on tv.. religion aside what could they possibly be thinking.
A whole nation of proud and responsible people were affected becos of them.. proper people dun do things like that.. many things obviously seem out of place.

redbean said...

it is a humiliation of a whole country and its people. since the independence from japanese colonialism, this is the worst humiliation that the koreans have to put up with.

oops, sorry, the second most serious humiliation. they are still a semi colony of the americans and they could not get that yoke off their shoulders yet.

Anonymous said...

as usual, they will be led to believe that they are doing god's work and they will go with the strong conviction that god is with them all the time. have no fear.

only when they fall into the hands of the talibans will they come to realize that it is not like that. the trauma those went through say it all.

Abao said...

And now the talebans, flush with cash, can now afford to buy new weapons and plan more attacks of this sort.

This should serve as a warning to those planning such trips in future.

Anonymous said...

Well, the fact that they have now been freed they can argue that it was God who protected them. It's a matter of interpretation.

redbean said...

maybe god has his plans, to give more weapons to the talibans.

Anonymous said...

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