Jonathan Lock is saved

Tan Suee Chieh, the CEO of NTUC Income has intervened to waive $45k of legal fees NTUC is claiming against him. According to Tan, it was effort misplaced and unnecessary. So much effort and money all for a $1,200 compensation. What a big relief to the poor teacher, Jonathan Lock. But he still owed his former lawyer another bill of $80k and more legal fees to fight the claim. Tan Suee Chieh is showing what a socially responsible and sensible CEO can do instead of being blinded by money and legal form. He did not say a mistake is a mistake and Lock should just pay up. He took a human decision instead of behaving like a computer, sending Lock the $45k bill and said this is generated by a computer and no signature is required. We need thinking and sensible people to run the corporations and country. But then again, another school of thought may look at this negatively. This Tan Suee Chieh is spoiling the system. He is setting a very bad precedent. He should not have interfered in this way. Many people's ricebowls are affected and many big bonuses will slip away. We have a very good system that feeds a lot of people along the way. All the lawsuits are good as they generate a lot of income for the professionals to buy big houses and cars and holidays. I like the soft and human touch of Tan Suee Chieh. I think he is not a Singaporean. A Singaporean would probably have said, you have my sympathy, but please pay up.

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