I want, I want!

Civilisation progresses because of dreams, dreams of better things. Singapore will progress because of such dreams, and Singaporeans are all screaming, I want, I want! And we are getting there, very fast. On record, we have a clean and green modern city admired by the lesser developed beans of the world. We have world class medical facilities, education, homes, transport systems etc. These are not enough, we will have all the havens of pleasure at our doorsteps. Marinas and yachts, private planes, fast cars, modern homes, fully automated and landscaped, the best restaurants and world class concerts in world class theatres. Wining and dining will be a daily affair. Singaporeans can all look forward to a future they can only dream of and turn into reality. How many Singaporeans will live the dreams and fullfil their 'I want, I want' desire? But even if they could not be there, it is still good to have dreams. But first, make sure that they earn the first million before the dreams materialised. I also want.

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