How to help Singapore Nation

I have copied an article written by Thinkall, which he posted in sammyboy, in redbeanforum in the tread 'How to help Singapore Nation.' I strongly recommend that all of you read it as the article is very well written, well argued and will give you a clear picture of the problems facing CPF now and in the future. The article deserves to be printed in the local media to enlighten the masses.


Anonymous said...

Aiyaya, find and find also cannot find no article u said leh..


redbean said...

how can? go to singapore current affairs and look for the thread, 'how to help singapore nation.' it is two or three threads from the top after the stickies.

Anonymous said...

how can go yr redbeanforum?
taking me 10 mins ++ still haven't load yr forum?

u kenan blacklist ar, hehe? ;-P

redbean said...

no lah. this is the 7th moon still. i also got problem with my home line.

just burn more hell notes and hopefully the problem will go away.

bless all the good brothers.

Anonymous said...

With all the likes of you and matilah in this blog—who needs the good brothers?!


Anonymous said...

Aiya, no point we anonymouses say and say here la.

Some sensitive bean here will say we are being personal and attacking him here.

He can jest and jack to "provoke our thinking" as he always claim.

But when we kajiao back he'll turn soggy and say we walloping him to bean paste..

So much for bean paste!! ;-)