A hospice in every estate

As our population ages, and as more are expected to live to 85 and beyond, many will end up in hospices. This is an urgent and essential facility for the good of our people. Very likely all those 75 and above will need to be housed in such well equipped and modern facilities. Either they are physically disabled or their children will not have the time and abilities to keep them at home. The cost, probably $1500 pm with subsidies. This will mean $18k a year, excluding medicine or hospitalisation. and at 75, they will probably have another 20 years to go. So each will need $360k without adjusting for inflation and other rising costs. It is important that the people be made aware of this need and start to incease their savings in the CPF. I would like to propose that the minimum sum be increased to $200k, and with interest should be sufficient, I think. Now let the people go and talk and whine about it. And the unthinking masses' reaction will be quite predictable. Yes we need this. Good idea. Maybe change a bit here and there. None or very few will ask the question, 'Do we really need it.' They will blindly believe that it is for their own good and it is very well thought out. I just thought it out in 2 minutes. Wanna bet?


Anonymous said...

Hmm, very likely the hospices will cater to rich foreigners expected to boost our population to 6.5m. For locals, it would be 'affordable' but only to those who are rich enough. Maybe you are giving them another excuse to increase the minimun sum beyond $120k. And therein lies the problem.

redbean said...

we can make it affordable for everyone. just make sure that they have money in their cpf and don't let them squander it away. help the unthinking people to protect their money by making it compulsory, to save another $200k.

isn't this a good idea? the more i think about it the more convince i am that it is a bloody good idea.

Anonymous said...

Ok, your idea will be implemented after they sell it to the voters in the next election. You know redbean, national day is over, but come next national day they should give you a gold medal for all your ideas.

redbean said...

i am truly deserving of this pingkat tabolehtahan.

i think, with singaporeans all going to live to 85 and 100, one hospices per estate will not be enough. maybe a couple of hdb blocks may just barely take them in.

should set up a private company to tap on this business.

Matilah_Singapura said...

> As our population ages, and as more are expected to live to 85 and beyond, many will end up in hospices. <

This is redbean's first premise in this post. And its veracity is questionable.

> I just thought it out in 2 minutes. <

It shows too. It is sloppy and careless, low standard journalism.

You have neglected to consider The Possibilities of private funding from community organisations, the private sector doing outreach, churches temples and spiritual groups, private foundations and the like.

Your big error in thinking is that you think that a government tax-funded Pyramid Scheme like CPF— which forces people to comply—is the only way, to solve "problems" of welfare.

redbean said...


are you questioning the tooth about more people living pass 85? official statistics will be provided soon to prove this beyond any reasonable doubt. but just a word of caution. it could be another 10000 more or 10 more. it is still increasing.

singaporeans must not live to think that there will be charity coming from somewhere. that is iresponsible thinking. they must depend on themselves, save up for their own retirement. that is the only sensible and right thing to do.

the cpf and annuity schemes said that they are on their own.