Govt cares for the elderly - here's the proof

Govt cares for the elderly - here's the proof This is a sub heading in the Straits Times. And the proof is 1% extra interest for the CPF savings up to $60k. Govt does not care for the elderly - here's the proof If you want to live longer, you must have the money to do so, or else... Your own money! If not, the govt will want you to buy a compulsory annuity insurance to make sure you can afford to live with your own money. How much is this compares to the 1% extra interest? This is on top of the delay withdrawal of your CPF minimum sum to start at 67 and to last how many years? 20 years till 87? or 20 years from 65 to 85? The gist is that you must have your own money to live. Which of the two hypotheses above is right?


Anonymous said...

Both are right, because in Chinese the word "Guan" (Official) has two "Kou" (Mouth). So they can say two different and opposite things at the same time, and both can be right. That's the beauty of being the Government.

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singapore has the winning formula for urban housing and longetivity planning, and in time to come the world will come knocking to learn and assimilate about our blueprints.
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