Gang fights on the rise?

There seems to more reports on fightings by groups of people, probably gangs, on our streets. There were people being knifed and beaten to death. We have been enjoying the reputation for being a safe and good place to bring up children. Are we going to let all these to happen and ruin our reputation and safety of ordinary people? Are we going to be like another JB before we do something? I will strongly recommend strong police actions on such gangs, and cane them furiously when caught. Make sure it tears their buttons to pieces. We cannot have these gangs on our streets. We cannot have gangs who think they can go around beating and killing people and get away with it. Whack them hard.


Anonymous said...

Haha, Singapore going back to the good ol' days in the 50s when secret societies rule the neighbourhoods. Awesome !!

Anonymous said...

The police are busy keeping an eye on groups of people wearing same coloured shirts that they have no time to attend to gang fights. Oh, compare to JB we are still a very orderly and law-abiding country, don't worry. We are governed by first world politicians, so really no need to worry lah!

Anonymous said...

For 1 gang I catch and hantum in the streets as a cop, I'll sniff out 3 online. In blogs and self-gratifying forums like this!