Finding a new way to engage the govt

Black September or Brown September, it was over without raising any eyebrow. There was no protest in the form that is recognisable. Nonetheless, it is talking back on something that the people, or some of the people, are disgruntled about. It is not about toppling the govt or anti establishment. But did it have any impact, or was it a non event, meaningless, not noticeable and forgettable? Then there is the online petition. Also a rather non event as it caters only to a small group of netizens. What else can the Singaporeans do other than writing to the media, in the net or writing to Reach, only to get an explanation that this is all done for his own good? Maybe this Black September thing, and the online petition, are the best way to say no, to say they disagree, not so much as a protest, and not threatening anyone or peace on the street. And maybe the govt too think this is a good way for the people to register their views without having to lay on them with the full weight of the law. It is a civilised way by a civilised people to make their point, in a polite way, as the issues are not life threatening or deserving of a violent protest. If these two ways are enough to make the govt listen and tweak whatever they are doing, we may see more in the future, of Singaporeans in black, heads down, mourning over a policy or decision that they don't agree. It is good for the people and good for the govt. The people saying it quietly, respectfully, not upsetting anyone and the govt listening quietly and nodding its head. And no opportunity for press sensationalisation.


Anonymous said...

Poor, poor Singaporeans. Why don't you just give up and swallow whatever bitter pills that are dished out for you, like it or not. Protest? what protest?

If I were a Singaporean I would either get out or just keep quiet. It seems however loud you shout, you just get ignored. What did you called them? Sheeples?

Anonymous said...

The moment they hear you want to fart they will send truckloads of police to keep an eye on you. What can you possibly do? If you are capable you leave. If you are incapable just bear and grind with it. After all, very few live beyond 85.

redbean said...

actually you all have got it all wrong. this is the best govt that the singaporeans are blessed with. compare their achievements to all the surrounding countries, all of them wish that they could have a govt like ours, or a lky to lead them away from the third world.

the annuity thing is just a child play. nothing wonderful, nothing great, nothing enlightening. but nothing serious that will galvanise the singaporeans to protest violently. it is only a few thousand dollars which is spare cash to most singaporeans. nobody really cares about it.

and the govt is reading the ground and will adjust this straight jacket policy to make it more enlightening. and the singaporeans will vote them into power, again and again.

Matilah_Singapura said...

redbean, go out and smack yourself in the face. And then do one for me too, perhaps a little harder, just for good measure, ok, thanks :-)

What's this fucking nonsense about "engaging the govt"? The govt is the SERVANT of the people. If the people allow the govt to be BOSS, then the people devolve into SHEEPLE.

The sheeple get the tyrants they deserve!

Anonymous said...

...and the Singaporeans will vote them into power, again and again.

The PAP knows the minds of Singaporeans through and through. After every reaction of thunder and lightning following every unpopular decision, a little lollipop and a horror story will take care of all the noises. This formula has worked time and again and the PAP knows it will still work in the next election. You can argue about whether the Government is the boss or the servant of the people until the cows come home, but it is we who elected them to do the job. We have to live with our choice. Blame the 66%.

Anonymous said...

You are so right, so, whe is the next lollipop coming??

redbean said...

the govt is like the school principal and the teachers. they decided what is best for the children knowing very well that the children cannot do anything else. at most they may ask a few questions or their parents write a few letters to the press or to reach. and they will get a reply.

the mentality of the principal and teachers is that once a reply is given, case closed. things have been explained and the people are to accept the explanation.

so what best can the children do except to frown. but a petition, or a mourning black is not asking for an answer. it is simply to say no, we don't agree. don't do it. we don't want your answer.

that is the best the people can do at this point of our political devt.

redbean said...

and don't blame the 66.6%. they have saved us from going down the third world road.

we are so bless.


redbean said...

our brands of lollipops come in ers, nss, gst, and the latest, annuity. all for the good of the people.

SGDaily said...

Hi redbean,

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redbean said...

hi SGDaily, you are welcome.

like your site. like the chiobus too. i have included a link to yours.