Cull the CEOs

Gan Kim Yong is cracking his brains to find out more ways to make organisations employ more older workers. One area to look at is the CEOs. There are still many CEOs that are anti oldies. They will get rid of oldies at the earliest opportunities. You could hear some making remarks that the old farts should not be around or giving instructions to HR to retire them at the first opportunity. Definitely no more hiring of old farts. What the ministry and trade union can do is to open a channel for people to send in their complaints of such violation. Let the whistle blowers blow their whistles. I think that is another way to contain the problem. Cull the CEOs that are the source of this employment problem.

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Anonymous said...

The law may come into play soon, but trust the employers to find a way round it, just like the way employers dealt with pregnant mothers-to-be, by hiring only unmarried women. They probably start hiring only very young workers.

Then, you don't have to be an old fart to be out of work. Those kids (I say kids because even a 65 year old is called a little brother by one minister)aged between 35 to 50 years old will be discriminated against even more than what it is today.