CPF - Interference, violation, encroachment? Say it in whatever ways, the CPF savings is fair game. The rules governing the use and return of the money to the members have been changing over the years from the day it was created. The older members who joined the scheme earlier went in with a different set of terms and conditions. Now they have to accept a totally different set of terms and conditions which they have no say about them. The govt changes them for the good of the CPF members. And for this reason alone, it is justified and claimed the high moral ground. All those in favour of the changes, in the govt, agrees and support the changes and the principles behind it. Legally and legislatively, they have all the power to do so. But how right are they to do it and what about the rights of the members to say no and to protect their own money? Do the members have any rights at all to their own money, to insist that the CPF sticks to the agreement when they first start contributing to the scheme? Lim Wee Kiat did not considered all the changes as 'interference on personal freedom.' This view is echoed by SMU law lecturer Eurgene Tan who said that the changes was not 'encroaching' on one's rights. And Josephine Teo has this to say, 'Singaporeans will have to judge whether the intervention has created better results.' What she simply means is that the ends justify the means. The rights of the members is not an issue. Such facist ideas have been creeping into our mentality over the years without any challenge, and people have gradually grown accustom with them and accepting them as normal. If such values are not arrested, the future is unimaginable. NMP Siew Kum Hong has warned, 'Beware the slippery slope of "encroachment" into CPF members' rights.' Where will it end? There is another aspect which is indirect but equally dangerous. We do not pass laws to be effective retrospectively to affect people adversely. Our neighbours have done that and have undermined their own credibility, reliability and predictability as a govt. The constant changing of the rules governing the use of CPF money, the shifting of the goal posts to affect members who joined the scheme under different terms and conditions are as good as passing restrospective laws in a way. It is important that such encroachments and violations to the rights of CPF members be aired in Parliament. Would there be a motion on this? Unless we all accept that the rights of the people is secondary or non existence and the ends justify the means, that it is a non issue. What is the future Singapore?


Matilah_Singapura said...

redbean, this is completely Fucked reasoning from start to finish.

> It is important that such encroachments and violations to the rights of CPF members be aired in Parliament.

Harlow, koteks do you know what you are saying or not?

You dumb motherfuckers— CPF *itself* is an encroachment and a violation— wage earners are FORCED to pay this TAX, employers too are FORCED to pay this TAX.

So all your references to "personal freedom" and "CPF members'rights'" are all HORSESHIT.

Haven't you cocksuckers got it yet?

Once you allow the govt into an area of your life, you no longer have any "rights" to claim. The fact is, they will tell you and ascribe you whatever they conjure up as 'your rights'.

In other words, you have already relinquished your power of choice. Now SHUT THE FUCK UP and allow the government you deserve to do its work!

Have a nice weekend! :)

Anonymous said...

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redbean said...

my dear matilah,

please don't be angry. this time, i swear, it was not me. i did not do it this time : )

take care of your mum, huh.

redbean said...

even if cpf is a tax, is not our money, we will stay and fight and kpkb till it comes back to our own pocket.

you can imagine what would have happen if nobody kpkb this time. it will be passed in parliament with unanimous approval.

as for all the violations, encroachments and interference, it is never too late to kpkb.

redbean said...

and that's a nice mouse you have. you need to keep thinking and typing instead of pressing the mouse.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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redbean said...

oh, i think i did not make myself clear. this matter is between matilah, his mum and me.

nothing concerns any of you. matilah is getting a bit touchy when mum is concerned: )

and you guys are trying one upmanship with him? no need lah. this blog can do with lesser of cat 3 upmanship.

many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Nowadays, I really get pissed off with all those political liars from the Gahmen. Really tulan, the more I see their faces, the more I want to spit on them. Damn hypocrites!!!

Next GE must really hentam them, then only they will wake up from their arrogance!!!