Celebrating Singaporeans: Ho Ching

The East is getting redder. That's what Mao said in his heydays. Yes the world is changing and changing so rapidly. Of the 3 women that were voted the most powerful or influential in the world by Forbes, two were from Asia. Wu Yi, a deputy premier of China is ranked number 2. And Ho Ching, a private business excutive, CEO of Temasek, is number 3. Wu Yi is from the world's most populous nation, and moving fast to become an economic power. And Ho Ching, from a little red dot, one of the tiniest nation. She even out ranked Condolezza Rice and woman Presidents and Prime Ministers. Her achievements even outshine LKY and Hsien Loong in being ranked in the top three by Forbes. LKY and Hsien Loong have never been in the top ten. She is not only a giant in a little red dot but in the international community. Wow!


Anonymous said...

Well, redbean, she has been given the MANdate.

redbean said...

but that's life isn't it. the prince or the rich man's son always have more money and opportunities to play big right?

what great work do you think prince charles or princess diana has done to deserve all the greatness?

Anonymous said...

She has got to that point without having to risk her own money.

Building a business by yourself is different from using other peoples money, and TRILLIONS at that.

redbean said...

shakespear in twelve night said this,

'some are born great, some achieve greatness, some have greatness thrust upon them.'

it is your life man. if your life is good, all goodness will come to you. even jesus said, those who have, more will be added unto them.

Anonymous said...

Some put down others in order to achieve greatness.

Anonymous said...

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