Celebrating Singaporeans - Dr Yam Kok Weng

A not very noticeable name perhaps. He is a dental surgeon with a clinic in Ghim Moh, Perfect Dental Clinic. What is so exceptional about him? Tell me how much it will cost you for a visit to a dental clinic? $50 or $100 for a filling, plus a $50 X-ray which most people don't need etc etc. I was recommended by an aunty that his charges are very reasonable. My last visit, with 4 fillings done, I was prepared to pay at least $120. The bill, I was a bit shock. $40! It is such unassuming people that can help to unmask the myth that all cost, especially medical cost, can only go up, one way. We need more of such professional people who practise their trades without chopping off an arm or a leg of their patients.


ash said...

good thought to showcase such unselfish gems. kudos

Anonymous said...

Is this cheaper than polyclinic charges. Could somebody enlighten us? I know that extracting a wisdom tooth in Government hospitals costs about the same as private dental clinics.

redbean said...

i am not sure. anyone been to a polyclinic?

i will do some checkings.

redbean said...

Charges for Filling in polyclinics

$12.80 to $21.80

Closer to natural tooth colour
$19.20 to $32.70

Dr Yam's rate is as competitive and at times cheaper than polyclinic rates.