Bumiputra means real Malays

Leaders ”Who are not pure Malays” Malaysian son-of-the-soil don’t want leaders who are not pure Malays. Malaysiakini. Sept 10, 2007 By Jamiliah Kassim As an 'anak Melayu jati', I would like to voice out a grievance on behalf of our whole Malay community. In recent years, we can see a lot of 'non-Malays' appearing in Umno as leaders. By ancestry, these people are not pure Malays. They managed to change their identity by using Islam. Clearly, there are loopholes in our laws that allow a person to change his race. This issue must be addressed properly as it affects us, the 'anak Melayu jati'. We know well that these people are not sincere in that they can even disregard and disrespect their ancestors and join the Malay race. Their motive is to enjoy privileges of the Malays. And Umno doesn't bother to do much on this. We are desperate regarding this policy of simply allowing people to change their race through conversion to Islam and even offering citizenship to Indonesians who are later made bumiputeras as well. Where is the standing of the 'anak Melayu jati' or 'bumiputera'? Tell us where on this earth can a person change his or her race through religion except in Malaysia? It is ridiculous. We call upon the Malay rulers to rectify this situation. The word 'bumiputera' is a combination of 'bumi' and 'putera' which should be construed as the 'anak cucu' to this land. The Malay community as a whole is looking forward to a clear definition so as to protect bumiputera special rights in the long run. malaysiakini I copied the above article from littlespeck.com Is this Jamiliah for real? Does he know what he is talking about? Mahathir, Abdullah both are not bumiputras and should not be PMs? What about the royalties? Many have Arab and European blood. So what shall they be? Is the Orang Asli the real bumiputras or the Malay more bumiputra than them? What is this fellow trying to say?


Matilah_Singapura said...

"Racial Purity" has often been the cause for much global entertainment, which leaves indelible entries in the record of human history.

Early in the last century, for example, an artist and painter named ADOLF got more than his 15 minutes of fame, all because he subscribed to the idea of Racial Purity and convinced millions of others that the idea was worth fighting for.

When a human being takes (his own) race too seriously, that is collectivism in the extreme. He negates his specialness and uniqueness as an individual, surrendering all the other subtle aspects which form his identity and character, to some ancient TRIBAL GROUPING—race.

All races are therefore COLLECTIVES and collectives need to slandered, libeled, slammed and damned every which way possible. Thus so-called races: French, English, Negro, Malay, Chinese Indian (all types), Thai, Japanese etc etc etc are great for constructing stereotypes and making cruel and off-colour and jokes.

As far as I am concerned there is only one race: The Human Race.

Unfortunately the great majority of the human race would prefer to divide themselves, and the fight it out to see which collective (tribe, race, gang group) is "the best".

Oh well, let the entertainment continue...there is nothing quite as exhilarating as a RACE WAR!

redbean said...


i know you have very strong views. but lets be sensitive ok. i have to delete your second post to be fair.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia's first prime minister Tengku Abdul Rahman also had Thai blood and not a pure Malay. If Malaysia had been led by pure Malays I think they will still be in the stone age with their kind of mentality.

Matilah_Singapura said...

redbean, no problem. As you well know, it is not "by accident" that some my posts are provocative, and some may argue offensive.

My feelings on RACIST Malaysia and Indonesia are well documented, and I will continue to hammer them, mercilessly.

Have a great day.

redbean said...

in nature, cross fertilisation is to breed a stronger specie. in breeding is condemned by nature with retards.

the new black americans or the new white americans, are a combination of african and european bloods.

many of the malay aristocrats and royalties would not be amused by this call for racial purity.

redbean said...

this bugger is either anti mahathir or anti abdullah.

Anonymous said...

Puki lu mak Matilah.
Lu takmo chakup chakup. Saya boleh ambik tayi kasik lu makan lu tau?!
puki mak pondan!