Boom town charlie in paradise

'Wages rising faster than at any time since 2000. By Goh Chin Lian in the front page of The Straits Times Labour short bosses are raising wages fater than at any time since 2000, but the good times for workers could dent Singapore's competitiveness. Workers' earnings have recorded a year on year increase of 8.5%, the largest rise since the economic boom seven years ago. Labour experts are worried that the higher labour costs could put a dampener on the economy....' The good times are here. With 8.5% rise in wages, whew, if one is earning $100k a month, that is $8,500 increase a month. Not bad huh! And if one is earning $1000 pm, it still works out to $85! Now take away 2% of GST and another maybe 10% for unofficial GST due to profiteering, is it still ok? And don't forget all the increases in fees and charges and prices. How many percent would that come to?

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