Black September - I was there

Just curious, just want to see how the people will react to a simple call, an anonymous call in the Net, to wear black to protect their life savings. The call was simply to go there, shopping or walk around, and wear black. No compulsion, no free bus service, no free drinks and vouchers. At your own time, at your own expense. And some went. Were there a lot of them there? There was a noticeable presence of black, maybe 1 in 10. Some were obviously there in their usual black without knowing that there was purpose to be in black. But you could notice some who came in black and walked around with a purpose, knowing why they were there. There were a few families with kids in tow, in black as well, supporting the call, but very tentatively. And the SDP was there too. They attracted all the attention naturally. They had some placards with the words, 'Set Chee Free.' They were recognisable and organised, at least they stuck together as a group. And the media was there to capture the event if there was anything interesting to report on. The rest of the black shirts were just floating around, blending with the crowd as if part of the crowd. There was no focus, no concentration or a meeting point. And no one to take the lead. But that was the intention. Do nothing, do not disturb the peace. Just be there to register a point... Don't touch my money. And of course the good brothers were there as well. You can see them watching attentively. It was their job. A patrol car drove by once a while, unobtrusively as if a routine. I am truly surprised that a simple call on the Net could elicit such a response. If the call were more persistent, more widespread, and the floating black shirts were to assemble in a smaller area, be it inside Robinson or just in the concourse, the presence will be much obvious. A journey starts with a single step. Maybe.


Anonymous said...

And at the end of it, what was achieved ? Did the govt get the message not to touch what those deluded protestors alleged was their money ? Zero, nothing, zilch, kosong, yada yada. In the end, it was the organisers and the SDP goons who were made to look like clowns. The conclusion is that the majority of Singaporeans are resigned to the fact that the compulsory annuity scheme, and the delay in Minimum Sum payout will happen, whether they agree or not, whether the government's reasons make sense or not. Period. Nothing anyone can do or try to do will change this fact. As I've always reiterated, the only way to opt-out of this scheme is to relinquish your citizenship, and collect your hard earned CPF money in cold, hard cash. If you don't have the means or courage to do this, then you have to be contented with the government holding your money in perpetuity for dafe-keeping, for your own good.

redbean said...

things are evolving. eventually a way will be found just for the people to say no, 'no we mean it.' just writing to whatever channel to ask questions...now that is the encouraged form. and you will get an answer.

like 'teacher, teacher, please tell me.' then teacher said, 'it is like this.' and the child sits down, not knowing why the question was asked in the first place.

walking around in mourning, that's probably the best they can do. uniquely singapore, huh?

Anonymous said...

There is a way, for sure, but Singaporeans are just too sissy to use it. It's called the vote, and the opportunity comes every five years. As matilah always say, you get the government you deserve. If you really believe the relationship between people and govt is akin to that of student and teacher, respectively, then I say you truly deserve the PAP for your government. Enjoy more good years of being screwed by your 'teacher', you pussies.

Matilah_Singapura said...

redbean, all those who turned up are fucking idiots. Again, you will see the manifestation of a FLAWED STATE EDUCATION system at work. (the motherfuckers are just plain DUMB)

You don't get CHANGE by a sissy, girly, ah-kwa PROTEST. You get it by MASSIVE ACTION. And that requires MASSIVELY STRONG BALLS that can only come from FOCUSED training.

Are S'poreans single-minded enough to TRAIN to attain their FREEDOM?

I think not.

Fuck the sheeple.

Anonymous said...

> Fuck the sheeple.

Well, said matilah. And may I also add, beginning with the king of all Singaporean gas bags, the esteemed host of this blog.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha gas bag redbean. oh no!
Oops, we thought U DON'T have balls, Matiolah_S?! Oh, U're talking about other pp is it, not yourself right?