Black September Day

I have been reading about this Black September Day when Singaporeans are told to be at Centrepoint Shopping Centre and wear black to protest against the compulsory annuity proposal. It is plannd for 8 September at 4 pm I think. For Singaporeans thinking of attending this protest they must think very carefully. Will they live till 85 and beyond? If they do and they want to have some money to live by, they better not attend. Otherwise they will suffer when they do not have anything to live on. The compulsory annuity is their only guarantee for a life without worry. It is good for them. I don't think I will live till 85. And if I do, I know that I am comfortably provided. Not by this annuity for sure.


Matilah_Singapura said...

...and people think that this kind of "fashion statement" protest will actually change things?

Fuckers, get real.

If it is your existence during your twilight years at stake, and you dislike the govt making choices for you, this protest is a LAME ASS response.

Anonymous said...

...so what better and more daring and more garang and more effective and more intelligent way can YOU suggest?

U don't f88K around as u like, pussy! Red bean may be scared of u. But u can count we don't!
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Anonymous said...

Right ON brother!

Anonymous said...

No necessary a weak response will this black september day be actually. Did you guys hear about the pict-shoot protest against ODEX recently?

4 riot-police trucks were deployed and the authorities covered the event in their close supervision.

It takes guts to do what those protestors did.

Just like it's futile to rant on and on here against the gahmen policies. But without this blog, we'll lose yet another channel to observe and stay aware (in the least!). And let us Sgaporeans go down the slope of deadly silence like sheep to slaughter.

redbean said...

sat will be interesting. definitely there will be many ladies in black and no one will have a clue whether they are protesting or simply fashionable. and some are likely to start scratching at the enforcing officers.

and some may be hauled up and landed in police station. the number is still unpredictable. but rest for sure that locals and foreigners alike, black is quite a normal thing to wear.

Anon.Dimwit said...

Wa, Orchard Rd so happening ah?
Weeks ago got one photo-taking ODEX protest @ Youth Park *Scape..
Days ago got 1 goondu awol with SAR21 rifle @ Cineleisure toilet.. Also near Y Park..
Now Sep 8 got many people thronging its streets from Centerpoint n beyond in black Sep protest.. Also near Y Park..

Maybe one day we can do some kind of public display of support for Red Bean blog & forum? But no need at Youth Park la.. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Stupid, sissy Singaporeans. Is that the very best you guys are capable of ? Simply pathetic.

redbean said...

you can't be expecting a few to jump on the mrt tracks or burn themselves alive would you?

but in the city of possibilities, anything is possible. just think of a few desperate buggers waiting for a life time to touch their hard earned life savings to pay off their debt or something urgent and then, hey, sorry wait for another few years more hor....

plop, plop...and you will get a few bloody bodies lying around.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Hey you pea brained asshole anon 9:23.... you seem to enjoy attacking me, but youhaven't got my drift.

Go home and fuck your mother again (and again and again and again... the slut loves it—she told me)—you may gain some wisdom ;-)

I have said again and again and again, like a broken record that CPF is a PYRAMID GAME funded by a COMPULSORY TAX.

Ergo, the **OBVIOUS** (ah, your lo-value state-supplied education is showing, my dear anon) solution (or at least a start) is to STOP this legalised pyramid game and STOP the compulsory tax.

Then, and only then do you have ...oh what shall I call it... ok... A COMPLETE SOLUTION to the "problem".

Now, is that easy for you to understand?


Anonymous said...

...Go home and fuck your mother again (and again and again and again...
You not-worth-calling-your-name, you seem to enjoy doing that to your mother eh? And asking bloggers here to f theirs? What is going on here, redbean? You are allowing such filth in your blog? You are spoiling for some litigation action?

Anonymous said...

In some countries, any govt that dares to mess with the people's pension funds would get their ass boooted out of parliament. Sissy Singaporeans on the other hand give such a govt a 2/3 mandate, and then when their arses get screwed attempt to protest by wearing black t-shirts ? How much lamer can you pussies get ?

Anonymous said...

Quit acting tough here, mother of mother-fucker matilah!

What better solutions have you always been spewing here? Yeah, like a broken record of a pussy-licker it is always the same old pus-oozing rotbrain of the cpf is a tax I tell you all.

STOP the tax, stop the pyramid scheme? What fuck shit solution is that? You cunt show how to? You go tell the gahmen to stop this all AS YOU SUGGESTED. AND I WILL LET YOU LICK MY BALLS!!

Who the fuck do you think you are? I don't know about REd Bean, but you are less than piss in this blog. No rational blogger WITH INTEGRITY will and should welcome you into their discussion. Not to even say interact with you.

RedBean is either a no-brainer. A fiucker as you are or he's ACTUALLY YOU!!

Why? Why he let such mother-fucker go around this blog fucking bloggers as he wish? Attack blogger's opinions, religions??

Anonymous said...

great! keep on fighting.. you are drawing blood and your own pee, matilah_sinagpura. show your mettle.. this blog is already going down as it already has..

fuck on!

Anonymous said...

Dress code:

Anything other than black attire:
For ppl that he think able to live more 85 years.

For ppl that licks the tasty ball of PAP.

Be naked:
For ppl that will die in few day times.

Anonymous said...

wear white for matilah la right?

Anonymous said...

no no, for that bapo will be naked..

Matilah_Singapura said...

Hey anonymous assholes,

Jesus forgives you for not being able to handle yourselves.

You all need to chill—get laid, get drunk, rent a funny DVD. You're taking life and the internet far too seriously, and have way too much time on your hands, evident in the way you jump at the chance to (over) react to provocative and occasionally vulgar posts... hahaha...

Fuck you, anyway :-) (regards to your dear moms... shit, I'm getting hard...)

Love and kisses,


The Foul-Mouthed Blogger

Anonymous said...

Self-centered idiocy.

Matilah_Singapura said...

You must be a total idiot for responding to an idiot.

Dumb state-educated asshole! ;-)

Anonymous said...

> wear white for matilah la right?

Why so sensitive, pussy mati?

At least we have balls enough NOT to pick on other's mothers right?

Obviously YOU LACK wisdom* and hey, as you said, you know how to get it right? So go and do what you said.

* Bloggers can read the postings above to see how pussy mati get her wisdom..

Matilah_Singapura said...

Of course I lack "wisdom". You have to be a TOTAL ASSHOLE if you got on the internet for "wisdom".

Get some lives, motherfuckers. The net is for fun ;-)

I've reminded people time and again that I only have PSLE qualifications, which I finally achieved at age 18, so you state-educated fools can rest assured that you are "smarter" than I. So knock yourselves out—preferably with a bullet to the head :-)

> At least we have balls enough NOT to pick on other's mothers right? <

Oh, but I want to pick on YOUR mother. Reason: she fucked your father and you were born :-)

Anonymous said...

Cool it! Matilah! Give yr buddy red bean some breathing space. it's he's blog here anyway.

Anonymous said...

> I only have PSLE qualifications, which I finally
> achieved at age 18,

You don't write like one with PSLE at all! ;-P