Black September - A day of reckoning

Sep 8 can be just like any other day. But it can also be a day where the people grow up and say we are no more third world coolies and farmers. It is a day for the people to say that they are ready to say no to policies that affect them negatively without resorting to violent protest. The wear black call is not a challenge to the govt by another political party. It is simply a statement by the people that they do not want the govt to tell them what to do with their money. It is a statement that no one shall mess around with their life savings. Now the issue is whether the people have finally shed their sheeple image and willing to stand up and be heard. It could be another day of disappointment when the sheepdogs appear to herd them into a corner. Or worst, no one appear in black. On the other hand, will the govt still take the stance that they are the self righteous priests speaking the words of wisdom and must be obeyed? Or will the govt matures as well and say they are willing to listen to the people and would not unleash the sheepdogs at the sheep, allowing more space for the sheep to express themselves? If that be the case, then we are really moving ourselves towards the direction of a developed nation with sensible people talking and govt listening. Or it will prove that we are still like Myanmar as far as political expression is concerned. Where will we stand on Black September Day? Or is it another dream?


Matilah_Singapura said...

Where will we stand on Black September Day?

I don't know what the idiots (must be from the "democrazy" crowd) aim to achieve by this "fashion statement", but I'm going to turn up dressed NORMALLY and hopefully the police will initiate THE ENTERTAINMENT

Anonymous said...

Well, you can wear your BRA in black haha.. ;-P