Black September 14?

It was supposed to be September 8, the day Cyberspace designated as Black September. It did not get much airing in the media of what actually happened or did not happen. Then last night, I thought it was September 8 again, on CNA. Were my eyes playing tricks on me? Or was it a small prank, or a subtle message that CNA was trying to send out? The wearers of black put on a cheeky smile in all their faces, you could tell quite easily. First in full black suit was Melvin Yong on 9pm news. Hardly have I seen Melvin in full black. And beside him, the attractive Glenda Chong, not in black but in a tan dress. Look carefully again, there was a huge black rose on her right chest, as big as an outstretched palm to make sure you notice. It would be a bit too much to have Glenda in full black as well. Not enough of blackness? Then came a live feed from a reporter overseas, missed the country, probably China or somewhere in east Asia. And she was in a black dress as well. Her name was something like Wong Lee Yong. Enough of blackness? Ok, back home, yes Valerie Tan was in full black reporting her story. All these within a few minutes apart in that 30 minute news. Was CNA trying to be a little cheeky? Or was CNA trying to say that black is the fashion? The cheekiest moment, I think, went to Lim Boon Heng when he appeared to comment about the annuity proposal, and in full black. I am paranoid.

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