Any change in retirement age and pension payout

With all the changes to withdraw CPF savings tied to retirement age, will there be any changes to the retirement age in the civil service and the commencement in the payout of pension? Would the payout of pension to politicians still starts at 55? Still waiting to hear something on this.


Anonymous said...

Now you have proven how dumb you are. Why would the politicians do something that isn't in their interests ? Would you ? Think about it, they hold absolute power. They have no need to pander to the whimsical demands of some beanhead spewing nonsense on his blog.

redbean said...

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Anonymous said...

More than you can imagine.

Anonymous said...

Aiya, no point we anonymouses say and say here la.

Some sensitive bean here will say we are being personal and attacking him here.

He can jest and jack to "provoke our thinking" as he always claim.

But when we kajiao back he'll turn soggy and say we walloping him to bean paste..

So much for bean paste!! ;-)