Annuity scheme not enough

Come to think of it, like they said, send the buddha to the West, all the way. At 85, these people need more than just three meals a day. Many will need nursing care or be kept in nursing homes. Many will need hospitalisation, wheelchairs, cataract operations, heart bypass, or a maid to push them around and to feed them. Conservatively, maybe $1,500 pm will be needed on top of the annuity. Working the number to 10 years, assuming that by 95, they will call it a day, they will need $180k. Would any of you think it is prudent and good that the oldies should have $180k at 85 to start with? The $120k minumum sum should be retained and only be allowed to be withdrawn at 85. It will fit in nicely to make life very comfortable for the oldies. Any good measure and with good intention must be done properly. No half measures. Want to do it, do it all the way.

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