Who is more lusty and alluring?

Another get it all wrong concept. The hot and sexy debate of giving free drinks to women is getting all the wrong reasons and explanations. Should the issue be the number 35? Many will be turned off by the the young sluts that look anything but a lady. And many ladies well past to the wrong side of 40 are simply gorgeous and will turn every head. Fantastic as a prize catch for the night. Now, what's the problem? The reason for giving free drinks is to attract all the sexy women who in turn will attract all the sexy men to spend their money in the pub. All the kids in the management of the pubs should wake up to their ideas and look at the issue clearly. What they need is not ladies night but Come and Get Me Night. Women who are dressed to kill and give the inviting look should be allowed to get their free drinks despite their age. The gate keepers should be briefed to open the gate when they see one that is worthy of the come get me look. Better still, call it the Slut Night. Be proud to be a slut and be rewarded with free drinks. That is the crux of the issue man, not age.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Hey man, sluts are fun!

Get them drunk as soon as possible—that's a great idea.

Ask yourself this: do you want to go to bed with a woman like your mother, or a woman like a slut?

P.S. To those of you whose mothers are sluts, you can answer either way :-)

Anonymous said...

Too much 'Desperate Housewives'.
Would they come up with a sequel, calling it 'Desperate Housewives On Heat'

redbean said...

that's a good theme, Desperate Housewives Night. they need to pay you $400k for the clever suggestion. the night will be real hot and the cash register keeps ringing : )

ladies don't get themselves made used off for a couple of drinks.

Anonymous said...

I suggest to have a "Ladies Night" for slim and demure girls below 35, a "Horny Night" for the old ladies after 35, and a "Slut Night" for the geylang girls, broad shoulders butches cum half lesbians and masculined amazon sized women so that no one should feel discriminated. Then if got room still maybe have a "Gay Night" for redbean and his likeminded friends here to have a gay time together.

redbean said...

ssssh, don't let people know our secret : )